Panchakanya Mai Hydropower declares book closure for second and third AGM; AGM to be held on Jestha 20, 2076


Panchakanya Mai Hydropower has declared book closure for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) based on the decision of Board Meeting held on Baisakh 15, 2076. According to the notice, the second and third AGM will be held on Jestha 20, 2076 and for the purpose of same the book closure dates have been set from Jestha 02, 2076 to Jestha 20, 2076.

In the fourth quarter of FY 2074/75, the hydropower company reported net loss of Rs 7.23 crore which was net profit of Rs 1.67 crore in the fourth quarter of the FY 2073/74. The company earned Rs 36.48 crore as electricity sale to NEA. As of Q4 2074/75, its share capital stands at Rs 99.55 crore with negative reserve of Rs 5.03 crore.