NIC Asia Bank's Dominance Resonates in Financial Metrics and Market Presence

Fri, Feb 16, 2024 12:46 PM on Financial Analysis, Company Analysis, Latest,

NIC Asia Bank (NICA) marks the culmination of a successful journey to become the top-choice bank for stakeholders. Acknowledging the pivotal role played by customers, regulatory bodies, shareholders, employees, and all stakeholders, NICA expresses deep gratitude for their unwavering support. 

As the financial year concludes, NICA presents compelling comparative data that underscores its financial dominance among commercial banks. With a notable 37% higher total loans and a remarkable 44% more in deposits compared to the industry average, the bank stands out. Furthermore, NICA's earnings per share (EPS) at Rs. 25.59 is a robust 70% higher than the average EPS of other commercial banks. The bank's Non-Performing Loan (NPL) ratio of 1.19% is a testament to prudent financial management, 69% less than the industry average of 3.81%.

With a network of 360 branches and 111 extended counters, NICA's market performance is equally impressive, boasting a market value per share of Rs. 433 and a market capitalization of Rs. 64.59 Arba.