NIC ASIA Bank decides to reduce interest rate even for borrowers who failed to clear dues till Shrawan end; to charge 8.99% interest if all due amount cleared by Ashoj

Fri, Sep 18, 2020 6:57 AM on Latest, Corporate,

NIC ASIA Bank has decided to provide interest reduction even to those who have failed to clear their loan amount until the end of Shrawan, 2077.

Issuing a media statement, the bank has stated that those borrowers who are yet to pay back their debt till the end of Shrawan, 2077 will have their interest reduced to 8.99% from the beginning of Kartik, 2077 if they successfully clear all their outstanding due amounts till the month of Asoj.

The bank currently provides its services to its 21 lakh plus strong customer base from its 326 branches, 467 ATM terminals, 102 extension counters and 64 branchless banking units throughout the nation.