NIC ASIA Bank brings New Year 2078 targeted scheme for its valued customers; to provide 20% discount to its card customers shopping at different e-commerce platforms

Thu, Apr 15, 2021 6:03 AM on Latest, Corporate,

NIC ASIA Bank has launched a 20% discount and cashback offer for its customers performing digital transactions this new year 2078.

As per the new arrangement, customers using the e-commerce service of the bank while purchasing goods from sastodeal, Gyapu market place and stopgrab will receive 20% or upto Rs 1500 discount till Baisakh 3, 2078.

Likewise, the bank is offering a 10% discount at Kathmandu Marriot and Drisya Lounge during new year's eve. The bank has partnered with Music Nepal where bank’s customers use the NICASIA2078 coupon in the Momo app. Will receive a one-month free subscription for the songs they want to listen to, as per the media statement.

The bank currently provides its services to its strong customer base from its 352 branches, 471 ATM terminals, 75extension counters, and 80 branchless banking units throughout the nation.