New IPO Proposals of These Two Companies Are in SEBON's Pipeline

Mon, Nov 8, 2021 11:04 AM on IPO/FPO News, Latest,

The IPO proposals of Swetganga Hydropower and Construction Ltd. and Mandakini Hydropower Ltd. are in SEBON's pipeline.

Swetganga Hydropower and Construction Ltd. is seeking to issue a total of 4,779,000 shares for the locals and general public. Meanwhile, Mandakini Hydropower Ltd. is seeking to issue a total of 1,764,110 shares.

While Sanima Capital has been appointed the issue manager for the IPO issue of Swetganga Hydropower, BOK Capital has been appointed the issue manager by Mandakini Hydropower Ltd.

Swetganga Hydropower & Construction Ltd. was registered in the Department of Industry on 17 Falgun 2061 (28 February 2005) in Kathmandu, Nepal as per the prevailing Company Act of the Nepal Government. SGHCL is a sister organization of Sanima Hydro Group. It is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to develop and implement Tallo Likhu Jalvidhyut Aayojana with an installed capacity of 28.1 MW. The project is a Run-of-River (RoR) type project lying at Ramechhap, Bagmati Province and Okhaldhunga District, Providence 1, Nepal.

The entire project area lies in Likhu Tamakoshi Rural Municipality of Ramechhap District on the right bank of the Likhu River. However, the left end of the diversion Weir touches the left bank of Likhu River which lies at Likhu Rural Municipality of Okhaldhunga district. The electricity generated from the project will be connected to the national grid through a 23 km long, 132 kV transmission line at the new Khimti substation.

Meanwhile, Mandakini Hydropower Pvt. Ltd., an Independent Power Producers Association Nepal (IPP) of Nepal, owns the Sardi Khola Hydropower Station. It is a run-of-river hydroelectric plant located in the Kaski District of Nepal. The flow from the Sardi River is used to generate 4 MW of electricity. The plant started generating electricity from 2074-08-23 BS. The generation license will expire in 2105-03-12 BS, after which the plant will be handed over to the government. The power station is connected to the national grid and the electricity is sold to Nepal Electricity Authority.