NEPSE loses 4.47 points and closes at 1,536.03; Turnover shrinks to Rs. 2.11 Arba while most Hydro companies gain

Tue, Sep 15, 2020 3:23 PM on Stock Market, Latest,

The NEPSE index closed at 1,536.03, losing a meager 4.47 points today.

Overall 17.3 points volatility was witnessed in the trading hours today, with the highest point being 1,548.35 and the lowest being 1,531.05.

6,697,496 shares traded hands to produce a turnover of Rs. 2.11 Arba. 193 scrips were traded via 32,328 transactions.

The float index lost 0.28 points and closed at 106.14 while the Sensitive index is at 304.65 after losing 1.59 points.

Nepal Reinsurance Company Limited had the highest turnover Rs. 13.13 crores. This is significantly lower than its yesterday's turnover of 20.43 crores. The shares of Kumari Bank Limited (KBL) traded the most.

Seven companies hit a positive circuit today (technically). They are Dibyashwari Hydropower Company Limited (DHPL), NRN Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (NLBSL), Reliance Life Insurance Limited (RLI), Khani Khola Hydropower Company Limited (KKHC), Ghalemdi Hydro Limited (GHL), Union Hydropower Company Limited (UNHPL), and Ankhukhola Hydropower Company Limited (AKJCL).

Interestingly, five of the seven highest gainers are hydropower companies. It seems that investors are attracted to the hydropower sector for a few days now.

Meanwhile, Mountain Hydro Nepal Limited (MHNL) lost the most 4.85%.

Three sectors gained today and all others lost. Hotels gained the most 0.59% while Trading lost the most 1.37%.