Nepal Lube Oil to approve 40% dividend from its 27th AGM; AGM to be convened on Poush 12

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Nepal Lube Oil Limited (NLO) has proclaimed its 27th AGM to be convened on Poush 12, 2075. The meeting will be convened in the premises of Yak Palace, Pulchowk at 11:30 AM.

The agendas of the meeting include:

  1. Endorsement of audited report for the FY 2074/75
  2. Approval for the proposed 30% cash dividend and 10% bonus shares for its shareholders
  3. Appointment of statutory auditor for the FY 2075/76

For the purpose of the AGM, the shareholders register book will remain closed from Mangsir 28 till Poush 12, 2075 i.e. the shareholders holding the shares of the company till Mangsir 27 will be eligible to participate in the AGM.