Nepal Hydro Developer (NHDL) Re-Calls its SGM on 29th Ashad With These Agendas

Tue, Jun 28, 2022 11:37 AM on Latest, AGM/Special AGM,

Nepal Hydro Developer Limited (NHDL) has re-called its Special General Meeting (SGM) on 29th Ashad, 2079. The 73rd meeting of board of directors held on Ashad 13 decided to postpone its SGM which was scheduled to take place yesterday i.e 13th Ashad due to lack of presence of all the shareholding dignitaries. The meeting will be held in its head office located at Dillibazar, Kathmandu, starting at 11 AM that day.

These are the agendas of the SGM:

1) To amend Rule no. 23 of the Act.
2) Regarding the amendment of Rule no. 27 sub-rule 3 (1) of the Act.
3) To give full authority to the board of directors to make any changes in amendment or modification in rules of the company.
4) MIsc.

Ashad 02 was the book closure date. Thus, the shareholders maintained till that are eligible to attend this meeting.


SGM Notice