NCHL extends service tenure of CEO; Mr. Neelesh Man Singh Pradhan to stay at its helm for four more years

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Thu, Mar 14, 2019 11:38 AM on Corporate, Latest,

Nepal Clearing House Ltd. (NCHL) has extended the contract term of Mr. Neelesh Man Singh Pradhan as Chief Executive Officer of the company for next 4 years with effective from 15th March 2019 (1st Chaitra 2075) and as decided by its 123rd Board meeting. He has been associated with NCHL since March 2011 and has played an instrumental role in driving the company. Mr. Pradhan has over 18 years of domestic and international experiences in the field of banking and financial technology. He holds BE degree from Kathmandu University and MBA from Indian Institute of Technology.

NCHL is promoted by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), Banks & Financial Institutions and Smart Choice Technologies Ltd. (SCT), with an objective to implement multiple national payment and settlement systems in Nepal. Board of Directors consists of a representative from NRB, 3 from commercial banks, 1 from development banks, 1 from finance companies and 1 from SCT.


NCHL has been operating NCHL-ECC, NCHL-IPS and connectIPS e-Payment systems with combined daily average settlement value of NRs 35 Billions of 81 members having network of over 4,500 bank branches.