Miteri Development proposes 19.50% dividend for its shareholders; Find the dividend history

Miteri Dev...

Miteri Development Bank (MDB) has proposed 19.50% dividend for its shareholders from the profit till 2075/76.

The 191st Board Meeting held on Magh 22, 2076 has proposed the following dividend:

Paid-up capital: Rs 58.50 crore
Bonus shares: 18.525% worth Rs 10.83 crore
Cash dividend: 0.975% worth Rs 57.03 lakh for tax purpose
Total dividend: 19.50% worth Rs 11.40 crore
Paid-up capital after adjustment: Rs 69.33 crore

The proposal is subject to approval from Nepal Rastra Bank and the upcoming AGM of the company.

The dividend history of MDB is: