Many scrips reap the benefits of the recent uptrend; look at the stocks that are close to their 52-week high

Sun, Mar 1, 2020 5:00 PM on SS Pro, Exclusive, Stock Market,

As the market makes new highs each passing day, most of the scrips are benefitting from it in terms of value appreciation. However, the trend has been fruitful for some scrips more than others.

The stock prices of some companies have achieved new 52-week high while some stocks are close to their 52-week high prices. It denotes the highest price achieved by the stock in a period of 52 weeks or one year.

As per the data collected from SS Pro, there are currently 58 scrips that have achieved or are near to their yearly high price with reference to their latest LTP i.e. of 29th Feb, 2020. These scrips have made most of the recent upward trend. The complete list is as follows:

The list shows that most of the companies from the BFI and Insurance sector are close to their 52-week high value. It can also be concluded that the trend has positively affected all the scrips as none of them are close to their 52-week lows.