Last day to grab shares of Swadeshi Laghubitta to be eligible for 35% dividend; AGM on Mangsir 16, 2076

Swadeshi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha (SDESI) will be convening its 5th Annual General Meeting on Mangsir 16, 2076 at Itahari, Sunsari.

The 79th Board Meeting held on Kartik 21, 2076 has decided on the following agendas:

  • Approval of proposed bonus and cash dividend for its shareholders along with the right issuance.
  • Approval of the Annual Report and the financial statements for the year 2075/76.
  • Appointment of auditor and determination of remuneration for the same.
  • Election of 3 directors from the promoters group and retirement of the existing.
  • Issuance of 25% right share after the adjustment of bonus share

The book closure date for the purpose of AGM and dividend claim has been declared on Mangsir 06, 2076. Therefore shareholders maintained on Mangsir 05, 2076 (Today) will be eligible to participate in the AGM, claim dividend and apply on the right issuance.

The proposed dividend and right shares break down is given below:

Current paid-up capital: Rs 23 crore
Bonus shares: 20% worth Rs 4.60 crore
Cash dividend: 15% worth Rs 3.45 crore including tax
Total dividend: 35% worth Rs 8.05 crore
Capital after adjustment of bonus: Rs 27.6 crore
Right issuance: 25% (4:1) of Rs 27.6 crore worth Rs 6.90 crore
Capital after right adjustment: Rs 34.5 crore