Karjabazaar comes online as Nepal’s 1st digital marketplace for personal loans; soon to become your one stop information source for all personal loans from Nepalese BFIs

Wed, Jun 12, 2019 6:43 AM on Corporate, Latest,

Phoenix Capital has launched Nepal’s 1st digital marketplace for personal loans: karjabazaar.com .

Karjabazaar is a digital platform where users can view different retail loans available from licensed financial institutions (home, auto, loan against property, credit cards, etc), compare various features like interest rate, terms etc, check their eligibility according to the banks’ criteria and even begin processing their personal loan or credit card application straight from the website. Karjabazaar has been released online following detailed consultation and process flow adjustments with Nepal's leading commercial banks. 

Three commercial banks (Standard Chartered Bank, NMB Bank, and Laxmi Bank) and a regional development bank (Sindhu Bikas Bank) have signed up with Karjabazaar. More banks and financial institutions are expected to join in as Karjabzaar serves as a cost-effective and innovative channel to acquire customers.

To fill the information gap in the retail lending space, Karjabazaar has also developed its own proprietary credit scoring algorithm for individual borrowers to help lenders assess the creditworthiness of the borrower.

About PCPL

PCPL is a fintech company promoted by young entrepreneurs with a view to contributing to creation of digital economy in Nepal. Its first product - ebeema - is an online portal for insurance products launched in 2016. Since launch, more than 1200 policies have been sold on behalf of leading insurance companies of Nepal. PCPL received seed investment from True North Associates - a local private equity firm in 2018 to scale and expand its services. Our employees are adequately trained in insurance and banking products.