Joint Task Force of all Investor Associations Unveil Press Release Demanding Capital Market Reforms

Mon, Dec 13, 2021 2:41 PM on Stock Market, Latest,

Capital Market Strengthening Comprehensive Task Force (Pujibazar Sudridhikaran Sanyukta Karyadal), a joint task force of all investors' associations has demanded the government to immediately form a high-level task force to carry out capital market reforms.

The NEPSE index lost 88.7 points yesterday. While writing this, the index has further lost another 66.08 points today. Pushpa Kamal Dahal, former Primer Minister of Nepal, condemned investment in the stock market yesterday and claimed NEPSE, SEBON, International Monetary Fund, and World Bank to be the modern form of imperialism. 

Issuing a press release today, the joint task force has shed light on the loss of citizens' investment and government revenue because of the recent market correction. The joint task force has highlighted the delay in implementation of the 58-point agreement made 3 years ago and the haphazard change in market-related policies as the culprit for the fall.

Specifically, the joint task force has demanded speedy implementation of the 58-point agreement, timely reappointment of heads of the exchange and regulatory board, and removal of the 4-12 limit structure on loan against shares.