Jebils Finance to conduct 8th and 9th AGM on 20 Baisakh, 2076; to endorse total bonus shares worth Rs.3.89 Crore for both the years

Jebils Fin...

The 189th BOD meeting of Jebils Finance Limited (JEFL), held on 26th Chaitra, 2075 has decided that the 8th and 9th AGM of the finance company will be conducted on 20th Baisakh, 2076 (3rd May, 2019) at Kalimati Banquet, Kalimati from 11:45 AM onwards.

The agenda of the AGM include endorsement of audited financial highlights of FY 73/74 and 74/75. The AGM will also appoint the statutory auditor for FY 75/76. The AGM will be endorsing cash dividend worth Rs.15.20 Lakh for FY 73/74 and Rs.5.28 Lakhs for FY 74/75 only for tax purposes.

The main agenda of the AGM is endorsement of bonus shares for both the years. The company will be issuing 3.57% bonus shares (of current paid up capital Rs.80.90 Crore) worth Rs.2.88 Crore for FY 73/74 and 1.24% bonus shares (of current paid up capital Rs.80.90 Crore) worth Rs.1 Crore for FY 74/75.

For this purpose, the books of the company will remain closed from 5th Baisakh to 20th Baisakh, 2076. Shareholders holding shares of the company till 4th Baisakh, 2076 will be eligible to participate in the AGM and claim the dividend issued.

The paid up capital of the company was Rs.28.89 Crore as of Asadh 2074, after which it issued 100% right shares increasing the paid up capital to Rs.57.79 Crore. The company again issued 40% right shares to reach the current paid up capital of Rs.80.90 Crore. After the adjustment of bonus shares of both the years, the paid up capital will increase to Rs.84.80 Crore.

Earlier, Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIB) and Jebils Finance Limited (JEFL) had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Falgun 26, 2075 for the acquisition of JEFL by NIB.