Janakpur Cigarette Factory closes down

Wed, Jun 22, 2011 12:00 AM on Others, Others,
Bankrupt Janakpur Cigarette Factory formally pulled down its shutter from today due to political bickering by the successive governments.

Department and production chiefs today informed the management about the closure in written today, though the factory has been shut down informally a few months ago due to the financial problem.

About 900 staff of the factory have been coming to the factory just to sign the attendance register as there is no work in the factory now.

The successive governments have been changing executive manager with the change in the governments. The staffer claimed that the factory come to this stage due to the political intervention.

They claim that every executive director tried to please the political leaders — who have appointed them — by misusing the fund of factory rather than focusing on the betterment of the factory and increasing production. Once the factory used to employ about 2,000 staff but it was forced to reduce the staff as the income of the company started declining.

Chairman of the factory unit of Nepal Trade Union Staffer Association Madan Thakur accused political parties for the closure. “They used the factory in their favour and no leaders thought of improvement of the factory,” he said. “Once the highest tax payer to government coffer, the company today closed down due to the government itself.”

Source: THT