Janaki Finance net profits fall to Rs.11.61 Crore by the end of fourth quarter; EPS and net worth per share stand at Rs.23.60 and Rs.158.26 respectively

Sun, Aug 18, 2019 2:00 PM on Financial Analysis, Latest,
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Janaki Finance Limited (JFL) has earned Rs 11.61 crore till the fourth quarter for the fiscal year 2075/76 whereas last corresponding year finance’s profit was at Rs 12.76 crore at the same time.

Janaki Finance’s net profit includes huge write back of provision of possible loss of Rs 13.30 crore in Q4 but it has very low operating profit of Rs 4.06 crore only.

Janaki finance has paid up capital of Rs 49.21 crore. Its reserve and surplus has increased by 62.95% to Rs 28.67 crore in Q4.

JFL has deposit collection of Rs 2.03 arba whereas it has floated loans and advances of Rs 2.11 arba. It has NPL of 2.13%. The net interest income was reported at Rs.16.49 Crore which was Rs.15.62 Crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

The finance company annualized earning per share (EPS) stand at Rs 23.60, net worth per share is at Rs 158.26 and P/E ratio is at 7.63 times.