How has the recent uptrend affected the performance of companies who adjusted dividend? Did you recover your dividend amount?

Tue, Jan 14, 2020 2:12 PM on Dividend, Bonus & Rights, Exclusive,

As the market has been rallying aggressively in the upward direction for the past few days, the stock prices of some companies have grown in a way that their dividend adjusted price is almost in the rage of their book closure price. This reflects that the investors have somewhat recovered their dividend amount due to value appreciation and increased holdings.

To find out the absolute profit for the investors, the latest closing price of the stocks have been adjusted with the dividend amount and compared with the book closure price. This will show the profit after dividend adjustment. Further, the duration from the book closure date has also been mentioned to give a clear idea about the degree of gain/loss. Trading suspended companies, companies that have not declared dividend or whose book closure has not elapsed have not been considered.

Commercial Banks

Development Banks

Finance Companies


Hydropower Companies

Manufacturing and Processing

Microfinance Companies


None of the companies from Life Insurance sector have declared dividend for FY 75/76 while none of the Non-Life Insurance companies’ and Trading companies’ book closure dates have elapsed due to which they have not been mentioned.