High Court's Interim Order Leads to Postponement of Gurkhas Finance Limited (GUFL)'s AGM

Thu, Sep 9, 2021 10:29 AM on Latest, AGM/Special AGM,

Gurkhas Finance Limited (GUFL) has postponed its 26th AGM.

The company had called its AGM on 24th Bhadra, 2078. The meeting was to be held in Hotel Crown Imperial, Soltimode, Kathmandu, starting at 11 am.

However, the interim order issued by the High Court, Patan has led the company to postpone its AGM.

These were the agendas of the AGM:

1) Endorsement of the annual report prepared by the board of directors.
2) Endorsement of the report prepared by the auditor.
3) Appointment of auditor for the fiscal year 2077/78 and approval of their compensation.
4) Election of 3 board members representing the public investors and 3 representing promoters.
5) Misc.

Baisakh 06, 2078 was the book closure date. Shareholders maintained before that day could attend the AGM. As of writing, GUFL has an LTP of Rs. 1,136.