Grameen Bikas Laghubitta posts 6.31% rise in net profit with annualized EPS of Rs 12.6;Net interest income up by 24% in Q1 of 2076/77

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Grameen Bikas Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (GBLBS) posted an increase of 6.31% in net profits as per the Q1 report posted by the company. The net profit stands at Rs 3.09 crore as compared to Rs 2.90 crore posted the previous year.

The net interest income of the company increased by 24.11% to Rs 24.14 crore till Q1.

Its deposit has increased to Rs 3.35 arba till Q1. Similarly, the bank has increased its credit disbursement to Rs 10.21 arba till Q1.

Its paid-up capital stands at Rs 98.25 crore whereas its reserve stands at Rs 56.44 crore.

Its annualized EPS stands at Rs 12.60 and net worth per share stands at Rs 157.45.

Its current capital adequacy ratio is 11.42% with the cost of the fund at 9.31%.

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