Global Bank CEO resigns with heartfelt Facebook status

Thu, Jul 9, 2020 5:13 PM on Corporate, Latest,

Mr. Parashuram Kunwar Chhetri has resigned from his designation as Global IME Bank CEO. His resignation has been accepted with effect from Shrawan 1, 2077 B.S. Chhetri had presented his resignation on Ashad 1 earlier this month.

Chhetri, who has spent a long time in the banking sector, wrote a heartfelt status on Facebook explaining he chose to not remain attached to the designation anymore.

Claiming to be a man of diligence, he stated that he had initially expected to work his full tenure until the end of Jestha, 2078 B.S. Mr. Chhetri also stated that he will regret this decision to leave early for the rest of his life.

Son of an average farmer, Mr. Chhetri says he studied in government schools and colleges. Claiming that he entered the banking industry as an ordinary assistant, he asserted that he owes all his achievement to hard work and nothing else.

He also said that his declining health had now prevented him from working as he did for the entirety of his career: from 9 in the morning to 9 in the evening, six days of the week. Stating that this "996" trait of working should continue, Chhetri said that he would do injustice to all the investors, customers, government, and the stakeholders of Global IME Bank if he took the office only for the sake of taking it.

Moreover, Chhetri expressed joy on the fact that Global Bank has done well, is doing well and has the utmost potential to do so in the future given its operations, image, and managerial leaders.

Lastly, Chhetri confessed that he will miss his fellow colleagues in the days to come.