Don't Forget: Your Last Chance to Clinch the Dividend of Prudential Insurance Company (PICL)

Today is the last day to grab the dividend of Prudential Insurance Company Limited (PICL).

The company has called its 19th AGM on 2nd Jestha, 2078. The meeting will be held in Hotel Ichchha, Bara, Nepal, starting at 11 am that day.

Among other agendas, the AGM will endorse an 8.42% dividend for the fiscal year 2076/77: 8% bonus shares and 0.42% cash dividend (for tax purposes) from the paid-up capital. Since the paid-up capital of the company is Rs. 1,02,64,32,000, the bonus shares are worth Rs. 8,21,14,560 and the cash dividend is worth Rs. 43,21,818.95.

The AGM will also elect 2 board members representing the general investors. The existing promoter and public shareholding ratio of the company is 60: 40. This AGM will discuss changing the ratio to 51: 49.

Baisakh 19 is declared the book closure date for the AGM and dividend. Since today is the last trading day before the book closure date, investors maintained till today are entitled to the dividend and can also attend the AGM. Books will be closed from Baisakh 19 to Jestha 02.