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We are aware of the concept “Survival of the fittest” coined by Charles Darwin which suggested that organisms best adjusted to their environment are the most successful in surviving and reproducing. This concept is not only applicable to organisms in the natural world but also applicable to organizations in the corporate world.

In the fast-moving globalized business world, most organizations are finding it hard to maintain their existence and move ahead with their rivals. Businesses and organizations face the complex and changing dynamics of the global environment which requires them to continuously change and transform themselves in order to remain competitive and relevant. To cope with these complexities of the business world advisory function of the merchant and investment banking business has found better scope. The corporate advisory service is a specific service provided to business firms that require strategic and tactical advice in identifying opportunities and strategic options for corporate structuring and consultancy and facilitation of financing solutions. The sole objective of advisory service is to facilitate the undertakings and overcome the weakness in specific areas like finance business, legal, and others. The scope of advisory service is not only limited to established business firms but also to start-up businesses. Start-up businesses may concentrate on funding and market entry, whereas a more established business will prioritize new market penetration, change management, capital structuring innovation, corporate governance, and so on.

In the context of Nepal, Merchant Bankers can render corporate advisory service by obtaining a license from SEBON meeting all requirements prescribed by the Board. Besides that, any institution registered under prevailing laws of Nepal with the objectives of providing corporate advisory service can render the advisory service without obtaining a license from SEBON. In this regard as the pioneer investment and merchant banker in Nepal, NIBL Ace Capital Ltd has been providing corporate advisory services to its clients by obtaining a license from SEBON.

NIBL Ace Capital Advisory Services provides comprehensive financial and strategic advice to clients with complex business needs. The advisory team at NIBL Ace Capital Ltd. believes that the complexities of managing and achieving the varied financial goals of clients require trusted professionals whose expertise enables them to look beyond just the finances and formulas. The advisory teams at NIBL Ace Capital Ltd. adopt a collaborative and customized process that is clearly defined by clients’ needs and circumstances. Helping clients expand their business and solidify their financial affairs requires expertise, vigilance, and sound planning for which NIBL Ace professional advisors are well known. The ranges of specialized advisory services are as follows:

  • Business Plan
  • Valuation
  • Capital Funding
  • Escrow Agency
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Loan Syndication & Debt Raising
  • Research Services
  • Market Assessment & Feasibility

Business Plan

The business plan is the vehicle to steer your business to success. NIBL Ace capital advisory team can assist clients with developing a robust roadmap specifically tailored for clients’ business and industry. It doesn’t matter at what point in the business life cycle the client is, we have the experience to write highly effective business plans whether the client is looking to start a business, manage an existing business or grow the business.

Market Assessment & Feasibility:

Whether the client is thinking of venturing into a new market or launching a new product, conducting a marketing assessment is the crucial first step in determining if there is a need for a potential customer base for the client’s product. The Advisory Team at NIBL Ace Capital performs a detailed and objective evaluation of the potential of a new product, new business idea, or new investment. In Market Assessment and Feasibility, a comprehensive analysis of environmental forces, market trends, entry barriers, competition, risks, opportunities, and the company’s resources and constraints is carried out.

Capital Funding

Capital funding refers to funds raised by business to fund its operations. Basically, capital funding is done by raising debt or equity. In the business ecosystem, we have entrepreneurs with ideas at one end of the spectrum and potential investors at the other end. In between these two spectra, NIBL Ace Advisory Service acts as a connecting link to bridge the funding gap and materialize entrepreneurial dreams.

Our Advisory team helps to materialize entrepreneurial dreams by conducting Market Assessments, Financial Feasibility & Capital Raising for startups, and existing or newly established companies. Under a team of a financial expert, NIBL conducts revenue modeling, financial projections, and overall business plan for startups, existing company, and newly established company based on assumptions that are very close to real-world situation

Loan Syndication & Debt raising

A syndication agreement is reached between a borrower and a bank (or a financial institution), which arranges the syndication. We at NIBL Ace Capital facilitate the lending process required by a borrower who hires us as their business consultant. The arranger bank identifies one or more banks or financial institutions that pool funds to meet the borrowing requirements.

Besides that, NIBL Ace Capital advisory has been working as a facilitator in debt raising for women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in SMEs, and agripreneurs seeking a subsidized loan. As a connecting link, NIBL Ace connects these entrepreneurs to the banking channels by facilitating loan processing and documentation.

Financial Restructuring

At NIBL Ace Capital we aim to provide financial restructuring for companies by planning, implementing, and delivering an appropriate financial model which helps create the most beneficial financial environment for the company. Our restructuring approach involves providing an insight into the financial and commercial position of the company, its prospective viability, and the range of restructuring options available. We ensure our client’s corporate assets and liabilities remain competitive and pave the sturdy path toward recovery.


Our Advisory team also provides our clients with business valuations, equity valuations, and asset valuations, and guides them to make good and well-informed investment decisions. We at NIBL Ace capital choose the best valuation methodologies that represent the true and fair value of the business.

Research Services:

At NIBL Ace Capital we provide a wide range of research services like business assessment, the impact analysis of your business, and stock and market analysis. Some of the major reports we are providing under this service are:

  • Covid Impact Analysis: Under this service comprehensive analysis of the Impact of COVID 19 on a specific sector and its impact on the client’s business is carried out with recommendations on the continuity of the business.
  • Market & Equity Research Report: A detailed report on Fundamental and Technical Analysis of Equities listed in Nepse will be provided on a subscription basis. Reports can be provided weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly basis and on the request of the client.


Mr. Bhuwan Raj Panta

Head of Corporate Advisory Department

NIBL Ace Capital Ltd.