Chilime Hydropower proposes 25% dividend; Book Closure on Kartik 27, 2076

Chilime Hy...

Chilime Hydropower Company Limited (CHCL) proposes 25% dividend for its shareholders from the profit of FY 2075/76.

The 364th Board Meeting held on Kartik 18, 2076 has decided on following particulars:

Current paid-up capital: Rs 4.75 arba
Bonus shares: 20% worth Rs 95.16 crore
Cash dividend: 5% worth Rs 23.79 crore including tax amount
Total dividend: 25% worth Rs 1.18 arba
Paid-up capital after adjustment: Rs 5.7 arba

The proposal is subject to approval from the upcoming 23rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the company to be held on Mangsir 11, 2076 (November 27, 2019). The book closure date for this purpose has been declared on Kartik 27, 2076. Therefore, shareholders maintained on Kartik 26, 2076 will be eligible to participate in AGM and claim the dividend.

The dividend history of the company is: