Chandragiri Hills Limited Shines With Rs. 6.28 Crores Net Profit Surge, Yet Net Worth Per Share Dips Below Par Value in Q2

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Chandragiri Hills Limited (CGH) has published a quarterly report for the second quarter of the fiscal year 2080/2081. The company reported a Net profit of 6.28 crores. Previously, the company had reported a net profit of Rs. 5.14 in the second quarter of fiscal year 2079/2080.

Noteworthy is the growth in revenue from operations, which surged by 12.07% to reach Rs. 45.75 crore in the second quarter of 2080/2081, compared to Rs. 40.82 crore in the same period of the preceding year. However, it is imperative to acknowledge the simultaneous escalation in total expenses, registering a notable uptick of 26.43% and amounting to Rs. 13.92 crores.

The company's paid-up capital currently stands at Rs. 1.53 Arba. Despite the positive financial performance, it is pertinent to note the existence of a negative reserve, which amounts to Rs. 16.73 crores.

Examining the financial metrics, the annualized Earnings Per Share (EPS) for CGH stands at Rs. 8.19 but the net worth per share is reported at Rs. 89.09 as of the second quarter, lower than the par value.

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Major Highlights:

Particulars (Rs in 000) Chandragiri Hills Limited
Q2 2080/81 Q2 2079/80 Difference
Paid Up Capital    1,534,091    1,534,091 0.00%
Reserves & Surplus     (167,302)     (342,949)
Property, Plant and Equipment    3,009,126    2,997,427 0.39%
Investment       315,700       315,700 0.00%
Loans and Advances          88,320       120,685 -26.82%
Revenue from Operation       457,538       408,258 12.07%
Other Income            7,659            4,280 78.94%
Total Expenses       139,280       110,162 26.43%
Finance Cost       128,046       134,566 -4.85%
Net Profit          62,850          51,487 22.07%
Annualized EPS (In Rs.) 8.19 6.71 22.07%
Net Worth per Share (In Rs.) 89.09 77.64 14.75%
Qtr End P/E Ratio 111.74   -   
Qtr End Price 915.6 -