Can Nepalese agriculture sector get revolutionary changes through Microfinance post-pandemic? A review article post budget 2077-78

Mon, Jun 1, 2020 8:45 AM on Exclusive,

As our budget 2077/78 has been focused on agriculture sector and its upliftment with various programs such as

  • Kisan Credit Card
  • 150,000 agricultural jobs
  • Bhumi Bank for agriculture through local bodies
  • Microinsurance and rebate
  • 3 Arba Government Grant to Sana Kisan Microfinance
  • Allocation of 10.25 Arba for Mahakali irrigation

Such programs if executed properly will clearly bring out revolutionary changes in the agriculture of Nepal through present infrastructure placed by the microfinance sector. Microfinance entities must need to modify and add on various new services and packages to their available resources such that to prepare itself for upcoming demands. Microfinance should bring out new educational and vocational training and strategies.

As an investor mainly holding promoters shares as well as a few thousand units of public shares of the microfinance sector I believe in the coming days, investment in this sector will not go in vain. Through constant talk about possible business strategies in this sector, I see immense growth in business as well as growth in returns. Taking consideration of various analyses and plans laid out by the government through the Budget 2077/78, I am certain that the microfinance sector will revive and grow strong post-pandemic.

PS Kisan Credit Card will be one of the best ideas that will certainly facilitate farmers and bring out changes in workings of microfinance.


Sijan Dangol