Bank of Kathmandu to convene AGM on Ashwin 30; Book closure to claim 17% dividend on Ashwin 16, 2076

Bank of Ka...

Bank of Kathmandu (BOKL) has published a notice today calling its shareholders to attend the 25th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the bank. The AGM will be held on Ashwin 30, 2076 (Thursday) at Alice Receptions, Gairidhara, Kathmandu from 10 AM onwards.

The major agendas of the AGM are:

  1. Discussion and approval of Annual report to be presented by the BOD and the financial statements for the year 2075/76.
  2. Approval of 11% cash dividend (including tax) and 6% bonus shares for the shareholders out of the profits of FY 75/76.
  3. Appointment of Auditor and fixation of remuneration for the same.

The books of BOKL will remain closed from Ashwin 16 to 30, 2076 for the purpose of AGM and Dividend distribution. Therefore, shareholders maintained till Ashwin 15, 2076 will be eligible to participate in AGM and claim dividend.