Bank of Kathmandu launches Safalta Fixed Deposit product with insurance benefit of 11 lakh; customers can open FD account with just Rs 25K

Fri, Mar 13, 2020 12:09 AM on Corporate, Latest,

Bank of Kathmandu has launched Safalta FD product into the Nepalese market with Rs 11 lakh insurance benefits and 9.75% interest every year.

Customers can open this account with minimum balance of Rs 25 K, can receive insurance claim of Rs 5 lakh for death or permanent disability due to accident, insurance claim of Rs 5 lakh for 18 different fatal diseases and medical insurance claim of Rs 1 lakh for hospitalization and medication.

Bank of Kathmandu Limited currently has 87 branches including 10 extension counters and 78 ATMs across the country.