Adarsha Laghubitta Reports Outstanding Incline in Net Profit By 885.98% To stand at Rs. 68.94 Lakhs For the Q4 of FY 78/79; EPS at Rs.33.30

Mon, Aug 8, 2022 1:18 PM on Latest, Financial Analysis, Stock Market,

Adarsha Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (ADLB) has posted a net profit of Rs.68.94 Lakhs in the unaudited fourth quarter report for the fiscal year 78/79. The company has reported huge profit margin of 885.98% for this year.

Likewise, the operating profit has also increased to Rs. 98.68 Lakhs for the fourth quarter of FY 78/79. The company has managed to accumulate greater profit for this quarter as the provision for possible loss has also decreased to Rs.9.58 Lakhs. The company made a provision of Rs. 20.64 Lakhs during the Q4 of last fiscal year.

The microfinance company posted net interest income of Rs.17.53 Crore by the end of the fourth quarter of FY 78/79.

The company has collected deposits worth Rs.14.5 Crore while it has issued loans worth Rs.27.7 Crore till the month of Asadh. As of the end of the fourth quarter, the borrowings of the company stands at Rs.10.8 Crore.

As per the fourth quarter report, the paid up capital of the company stands at Rs.2.07 Crore with reserves and surplus of Rs.1.23 Crores.

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