7% Bonus Shares of IME General Insurance (IGI) Listed; 8% NIB Debenture 2078 Delisted

Mon, Jul 26, 2021 10:56 AM on Latest, Dividend, Bonus & Rights,

7,57,500 unit bonus shares of IME General Insurance Limited (IGI) are now listed in NEPSE.

The 23rd AGM of the company held on 12th Baisakh, 2078 endorsed the dividend for the fiscal year 2076/77: 7% bonus shares and 0.37% cash dividend. The dividend was distributed from the paid-up capital of Rs. 1,08,18,36,000. Thus, the bonus shares are worth Rs. 7,57,50,000 and the cash dividend is worth Rs. 39,86,842.11.

The same bonus shares are now listed in NEPSE. As of writing, IGI has an LTP of Rs. 1,288.9.

Meanwhile, 8% NIB Debenture 2078 (8NIB2078) has been delisted from the exchange. The debenture matured yesterday, i.e. on Shrawan 10, 2078. The debenture yielded an 8% annual return to unitholders, and will now refund the seed fund.