Mandatory Ride-Sharing Registration in Gandaki: Motorcycles to Incur 25,000 Fee

Mon, Jun 19, 2023 12:13 PM on Latest, Economy, National,

The Gandaki state government has introduced a new regulation requiring ride-sharing service providers, such as Pathao and inDrive, to register with the provincial Transport Management Service Office. The deadline for registration and obtaining permission has been set for the end of the Nepali month of Chaitra.

Under this provision, a registration fee of 25,000 rupees has been established for two-wheelers, along with an annual renewal fee of 12,500 rupees for ride-sharing services.

In the financial bill, it is stated that the registration and permit fee for four-wheelers will amount to 50,000 rupees, with an annual renewal fee of 25,000 rupees.

While the federal government is in the process of drafting guidelines for two-wheelers used as public transport, the Gandaki state government has taken the initiative to regulate them through an economic bill.

The implementation of this regulation aims to address the growing concerns surrounding unregulated ride-sharing services like Pathao and Indriver, which have been operational for six years. Failure to bring such services under proper regulation has resulted in service discrepancies, and individuals and companies involved in these professions have faced numerous challenges.