Shine Resunga Development Bank Urges Investors to Pay Tax and Claim Bonus Shares

Wed, Sep 9, 2020 10:37 AM on Latest, Dividend, Bonus & Rights,

Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited has issued a notice urging its shareholders to pay the tax amount for 15% bonus share distribution purposes.

Shine Resunga Development Bank had distributed 15% bonus shares to its shareholders from the profit of FY 2075/76. From the paid-up capital of Rs. 2.62 Arba, the bank had distributed 15% bonus shares worth Rs 39.34 crores. The bonus shares are already listed on NEPSE and are open for being traded.

Although the bonus shares have been deposited in the respective BOID of investors, they will have to pay the required tax amount to claim their bonus shares. The tax for bonus shares can be paid via any branch of Shine Resunga Development Bank. It can also be paid via the nationwide branches of the share registrar NIBL Ace Capital.

If investors have taken a loan against shares of Shine Resunga Development Bank before Jestha 32, 2077, the bonus shares will be frozen in the name of the lending institution. Investors should coordinate with the lending institution to free their shares.

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