Civil Bank and Helvetas agency of Switzerland join forces; to promote commercial agriculture and proper marketing of local products in province II and Karnali province

Sun, Dec 1, 2019 10:37 AM on Corporate, Latest,

Civil Bank and Helvetas Swiss Intercorporation Nepal have signed an agreement to increase the financial access of back warded regions and to promote commercial agriculture through skill development and market management in province II and Karnali province. The agreement regarding the same was signed between CEO of the bank Mr. Gobinda Gurung and National Director in Swiss Corporation Dr. Bharat Kumar Pokhrel amid a program.

Under the agreement, the Swiss development agency will provide training for commercial agriculture in both the provinces and support in increasing market access to the local production while the bank shall expand its financial literacy programs to the most inaccessible local units of these provinces and extend banking services to the unbanked population through its branchless banking units, as per the media statement.