Nepal SBI Bank refunding FPO non-allottees thru 20 BFIs from today

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Nepal SBI Bank Limited (SBI) is refunding its money to the non-allottee FPO applicants from today (Magh 28, 2073). NMB Capital Limited, the issue manager for the FPO, will auto credit the refund amount of Nepal SBI FPO in the accounts of 20 Bank and Financial Institutions (BFIs).

Only those accounts which have been verified by following 20 BFIs will be credited directly. NMB Capital was working closely with BFIs to make direct refund possible for all non-allottees of the FPO.

  1. NMB Bank Limited
  2. Nepal SBI Bank Limited
  3. Citizens Bank International Limited
  4. Laxmi Bank Limited
  5. Janata Bank Nepal Limited
  6. Century Commercial Bank Limited
  7. Kumari Bank Limited
  8. NIC Asia Bank Limited
  9. Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited
  10. Siddhartha Bank Limited
  11. Shangrila Dev Bank Limited
  12. Reliable Dev Bank Limited
  13. Muktinath Dev Bank Limited
  14. Sewa Bikas Bank Limited
  15. Yeti Dev Bank Limited
  16. Goodwill Finance Limited
  17. Central Finance Limited
  18. Guheshwori Merchant Banking and Finance Limited
  19. Unique Finance Limited
  20. Gurkhas Finance Limited

Of the total 57,953 non allottees, 19,020 applicants will be auto credited whereas the remaining 38,933 non-allottees will be refunded through cheques.

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