Unilever Nepal’s 24th AGM on Ashwin 20; to endorse 1270% cash dividends

- ShareSansar, September 17, 2017  on AGM/ Special AGM , Featured , Latest , Stock Market

Unilever Nepal Limited (UNL) will be conducting its 24th Annual General meeting (AGM) on Ashwin 20, 2074.

The AGM is going to be held at Kumari Hall, Annapurna Hotel, Durbarmarg at 10:30 AM.

The main agendas are:

  • To endorse 1270% cash dividends to its shareholders from the profit of FY 2073/74.
  • To increase salary and facilities of Managing Director.
  • To endorse the decision for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Other agendas include present of major financial highlights of the FY 2073/74 and appointment of auditor for the FY 2074/75.

The book closure date was set for Bhadra 30 to Ashwin 20. Thus only those shareholders holding shares till yesterday is entitled to participate in the AGM and proposed dividend.

UNL had earned Rs 96.52 crore in the fourth quarter of the FY 2073/74.

Its LTP stands at Rs 30,500 as of last trading day.