The Weekly Analysis – NEPSE down by 11.52 points; Progressive Finance gained 15.11 %  & Kuber Merchant lost 24.29% in 4 trading days

- ShareSansar, August 11, 2017  on Company Analysis , Featured , Latest , Stock Market

This week Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), was open for only 4 trading days from August 6 to August 10; trading closed on August 8, Tuesday on the occasion of Gaijatra.  Total shares worth Rs 3.18 arba were traded while manual turnover stood at Rs 1.16 crores. The total traded quantity by the end of the week was 12,103,582 with 35,650 total transactions.

The market saw a downward trend as NEPSE index was on 1665.5 points on the opening day i.e Aug 6 decreasing with 11.52 points and finally closing with 1,653.53 points at the end of the week on Thursday. NEPSE thus, saw a 0.62 % decrease in NEPSE index by the end of the week.

The sensitive index; representing a Group A companies also showed a bearish trend with a decrease by 2.08 points; starting with 349.11 at the start of the week and ending with 347.03 by Thursday.

Similarly, the float index; representing public (tradable) shares decreased by 1.24 points, a 1.02% decrease starting with 121.38 on Sunday and settling on 120.14 by Thursday. The Sensitive Float index started with 107.79 and ended with 106.75; decrease in index by 1.04 points 0.96 %.

The sensitive index, measures the performance of Group ‘A’ companies listed by the NEPSE, while the float index shows indicates the performance of public (tradable) shares.

The sector wise market summary of NEPSE stood as:

Sectors6-Aug10-AugPoints%Total Traded Amount (Rs.)
Hotels 2,491.162,507.7016.540.66%48,804,080.00
Development Bank 2,084.582,063.61-20.97-1.01%962,638,000.00
Hydro Power 1,942.881,917.23-25.65-1.32%244,553,900.00
Finance 811.20822.5111.311.39%255,454,600.00
Insurance 9,402.139,397.48-4.65-0.05%814,497,000.00
Manu & Pro.2,769.152,752.91-16.24-0.59%20,948,740.00
Others 713.79722.468.671.21%59,689,440.00
Total Market Capitalization Millions1,950,621.081,939,443.15-11,177.93-0.57%
Floated Market Capitalization Millions668,262.66662,961.12-5,301.54-0.79%


The top 10 traded companies with total amount this week stood as:

Top 10 Total Amount Traded
S.NCompanies Rs.
1Citizen Investment Trust195,309,105
2Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd.159,324,426
3Standard Chartered Bank Limited144,566,134
4National Hydro Power Company Limited135,828,888
5Prime Commercial Bank Ltd.115,223,640
6Nabil Bank Limited102,209,065
7National Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.83,833,827
8Siddhartha Investment Growth Scheme-178,048,842
9Everest Bank Limited77,649,684
10Forward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.76,126,831


The top 10 companies as per the total volume traded stood as:

Top 10 Total Volume Traded
S.NCompanies Rs.
1Siddhartha Investment Growth Scheme-13,127,300
2Laxmi Value Fund-11,185,554
3Nabil Balance Fund 1943,511
4National Hydro Power Company Limited902,802
5NMB Sulav Investment Fund-1580,475
6Siddhartha Equity Orineted Scheme298,052
7Prime Commercial Bank Ltd.252,692
8Lumbini Bikas Bank Ltd.164,652
9Jebils Finance Ltd. Promoter Share158,951
10Prabhu Bank Limited151,037

While the top 10 companies based on the total number of transactions stood as:

Top 10 Total Transaction
S.NCompanies Rs.
1Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd.1,761
2National Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.1,556
3Prime Commercial Bank Ltd.1,391
4Standard Chartered Bank Limited1,121
5Chhyangdi Hydropower Ltd.968
6Nepal Investment Bank Limited903
7Forward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.747
8Arun Kabeli Power Ltd.746
9Prabhu Bank Limited661
10Nabil Bank Limited605


The top 10 gainers and losers this week at NEPSE were:

Top 10 GainersPrices
S.NCompanies %6-Aug10-Aug
1ProgressiveFinance Limited15.11%225259
2Green Development Bank Ltd.8.10%617667
3Siddhartha Investment Growth Scheme-15.96%2526.49
4Lumbini Bikas Bank Ltd.5.61%214226
5Nabil Balance Fund 15.21%21.122.2
6Citizen Investment Trust3.25%45814730
7Everest Bank Limited Con. Pref.3.23%806832
8United Finance Ltd.3.14%255263
9Kanchan Development Bank Limited2.94%272280
10NIBL Samriddhi Fund 12.83%12.7413.1
Top 10 LosersPrices
S.NCompanies %6-Aug10-Aug
1Kuber Merchant Finance Limited-24.29%212280
2Laxmi Value Fund-1-18.72%11.7214.42
3Chhyangdi Hydropower Ltd.-17.72%260316
4World Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd.-9.39%164181
5Nepal Grameen Bikas Bank Ltd.-7.64%871943
6Synergy Power Development Ltd.-7.42%212229
7Barun Hydropower Co. Ltd.-6.79%247265
8Summit Micro Finance Development Bank Ltd.-4.61%36003774
9Shree Investment Finance Co. Ltd.-4.61%476499
10Everest Insurance Co. Ltd.-4.46%26552779