NIBL Capital to conclude Pokhara Finance FPO allotment of 9.83 lakh units shares tomorrow; Nepal Hydro IPO allotment of 3.90 lakh units shares on Friday

- ShareSansar, September 13, 2017  on Featured , IPO/FPO News , Latest , Stock Market

NIBL Capital Markets Limited, the issue manager for the FPO of Pokhara Finance Limited (PFL), is going to conclude the allotment tomorrow (Bhadra 29, 2074). Meanwhile, NMB Capital, the issue manager for the IPO of Nepal Hydro Limited will conclude the allotment on Bhadra 30, 2074.

Badri Pyakhurel, Merchant Banking Head of NIBL Capital Market Limited said, “All the details regarding IPO allotment will be made public tomorrow in the premises of NIBL Capital located at Lazimpat, Kathmandu at 10:30 AM.”

As per the official of NMB Capital,” We will conclude the allotment on Friday (Bhadra 30, 2074). Time and venue of the allotment has not been fixed yet.”

Pokhara Finance Limited (PFL) had issued its Further Public Offering (FPO) of 9,83,682 units shares worth Rs  21.64 crore at Rs 220 per unit from Shrawan 29, 2074 till Bhadra 1, 2074. The FPO has collected around Rs. 72 crore 60 lakh till last day. Around 49,000 application forms were received.

Applicants were required apply for a minimum of 10 units of shares and they can apply for up to 4,900 units shares.

After the FPO, its paid up capital will reach around Rs 65.57 crore and its promoter – public shareholding structure will be maintained at 51% and 49%. Its reserve will grow by Rs 11.80 crore. Finally, after proposed 15% right share issuance, its paid up capital will reach Rs 75.40 crore. As a national level finance company, it should hike its paid up capital to a minimum of Rs 80 crore by the end of FY 2073/74.

Nepal Hydro Developer Limited had issued 3,90,000 unit shares worth Rs 3.90 crore as part of its Initial Public Offering (IPO) for the general public from Shrawan 27, 2074 till Shrawan 32, 2074  at face value of Rs 100 per share. The issue has collected around Rs 1 arba 50 crore till last day. Around 1 lakh 73 thousand application forms were received.

Interested people were required apply for a minimum of 50 units of share and they can apply for up to 1,000 units of share. The hydropower company has set aside 2% or 7,800 unit shares for its employees and 5% or 19,500 unit shares for the 11 mutual fund companies. The company has set aside 3,62,700 units shares for the general public.

The authorized capital of the company is Rs 60 crore. The paid up capital of the company remains at Rs 22.10 crore. After the IPO for the general public, the paid up will reach 26 crore.