Insurance Index in Potential Reversal Zone

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insurance Index

Insurance Index is in potential reversal zone. Insurance index is trading in 6379.77 at 161.8% of fibonacci retracement .Index have made a golden cross at 4550.

Nepse vs insurance

Nepse and Insurance Index both are moving parallel . No significant divergence is seen.

Asian life insurance

Asian Life Insurance have break its resistance of 1368. Trading above its 5 days moving average , 20 days moving average and 180 days moving averages.  Prices are in trend one can  book the profit at 1665.

national life

National Life Insurance  break its support level of 2700. Its risk level is at 2560 and target of 3000.

nepal life insuranceShooting Star formation have indicate Nepal Life Insurance will be stable.  Price will be trading in the range of 3600 t0 4000 for the shorter time period and  follow the target of 4900.


NLG Insurance is in a trend . Made the golden cross at 800. Buy around 980 – 1040 with tagret of 1200 and risk level is at 960.

shikhar insuranceUpper trend started from 800 have stoped at 1860 . Shikhar Insurance will be trading in the range of 1500 to 1860 for certain time before taking another trend.