See the progress of all 28 commercial banks as of third quarter as per their major indicators

- ShareSansar, May 17, 2017  on Company Analysis , Exclusive , Featured , Financial Analysis , Latest , Stock Market

All 28 “A” class banks have published their provisional financial statements for the first 9 months of the ongoing fiscal year 2073/74. By analyzing their progress till Chaitra 2073, their profit for the whole year and expected EPS can be roughly calculated.

Below is a comparison of all 28 commercial banks with their major indicators: paid up capital, reserve, net profit, net worth per share, Earnings Per Share (EPS) and P/E ratio. Since a handful of banks have been floating right shares, their EPS were also calculated by diluting for their increased capital.


Above banks have been sorted in descending order of their EPS.

Diluted EPS accounts for:

  • 23.74% right share of Nepal Bank Limited (NBL)
  • 25.58 lakh units FPO shares of Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited (SCB)
  • Already approved 33.33% right share of Everest Bank Limited (EBL)
  • 15% right share of NIC Asia Bank Limited (NICA)
  • 40% right share of Nepal SBI Bank Limited (SBI)
  • 30% right share of Sanima Bank Limited (SANIMA)
  • 25% right share of Citizens Bank International Limited (CZBIL)
  • 30% right share of Sunrise Bank Limited (SRBL)
  • 50% right share of Kumari Bank Limited (KBL)
  • 80% right share of Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited (NBB)
  • 100% right share of Laxmi Bank Limited (LBL)