See the progress of all 15 non -life insurance companies in third quarter as shown by their major indicators

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All 15 non-life insurance companies have published their provisional financial statements for the first 9 months of the ongoing fiscal year 2073/74. By analyzing their progress till the third quarter, it will be easier for all investors to roughly approximate their dividend distribution for that year.

Below is a comparison of all 15 non-life insurance companies with their major indicators: paid up capital, reserve, insurance fund, net premium, unpaid insurance claims, Earnings Per Share (EPS), Net Worth Per Share and P/E ratio.

EPS of companies have been diluted for their ongoing issues/bonus shares.

non life insurance

Diluted EPS accounts for:

  • 114.27% bonus share of Rastriya Beema Company Limited (RBCL)
  • 20% bonus and 100% right share of Neco Insurance Limited (NIL)
  • 19.23% right share of Siddhartha Insurance Limited (SIL)
  • 20% bonus share of Prudential Insurance Company Limited (PICL)
  • 50% right share of Prabhu Insurance Limited (PRIN)
  • 100% right share of NB Insurance Company Limited (NBIL)
  • 20% bonus share of Everest Insurance Company Limited (EIC) – proposed/not yet approved by AGM
  • 10% bonus share of United Insurance Company (Nepal) Limited (UIC) – proposed/not yet approved by AGM

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