Know how many units of FOWAD has been traded correspondence to different price range? Also, which broker bought and sold most

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Forward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited (FOWAD) is one of the costly yet favorite scrip in NEPSE.  Within three months of its listing, FOWAD closing price shoot up to Rs 4021 per scrip from Rs 1051 on 21st May, 2017. Analyzing that ShareSansar has done a trading breakdown of its total traded share correspondence to different price range in NEPSE, so far.

FOWAD started its operation from May 17, 2013. As a National level microfinance, FOWAD paid up capital stands as Rs.20 crores and reserve stands at whopping Rs 59.97 crore as per its published Q4 report of FY 2073/74. The microfinance’s promoter-public ratio stands as 70:30. Forward group of Duhabi in Sunsari district, Everest Bank and RMDC are major promoter shareholders of this company. They hold almost 82% promoter shares of FOWAD.

FOWAD had issued 6 lakhs units of IPO shares to the general public worth Rs. 6 crores from Magh 9 2073, on which 30,000 unit shares has been set aside for staffs and 30,000 unit shares for the mutual funds. Allotment for investors who had applied from Rs 5,000whp (or 50 units) to Rs 103,000 (or 1,030 units) were decided through lottery and those who got the shares through lottery were allotted 10 shares each. Remaining investors who had applied from Rs. 1,04,000 (1,040 units) to Rs 3,00,000 (or 3,000 units) were allotted 0.89% on pro-rata basis. Investors of Rs 3 lakh allotted 26 units each in the IPO.

The staff shares have been locked for trading till 20 Falgun, 2076. As per published report, different mutual funds hold 22,116 units of FOWAD scrip till Asad end. In total 30 thousand units was allotted to 10 mutual fund scheme then. Report of Shrawan end will give clear picture of mutual fund holding of FOWAD scrip.

Total number of FOWAD units hold by mutual funds are:

mutual fund FOWAD

Total tradable ordinary share of FOWAD in NEPSE is 5,70,000 units. This scrip is seen in bullish trend from starting of its trading in NEPSE. The impact of recent decrease in NEPSE could be seen in the share price of FOWAD as well. However, the decrease could be seen as a slight correction in the price of FOWAD.

So far, in total 213,743 unit shares has been traded in NEPSE. The last traded price of FOWAD as on 17th August stands Rs. 3840 per scrip.

Below table depicts the total shares traded at different price range of FOWAD in NEPSE:

price ran


From the above table we can see that out of the total 5,70,000 units tradable shares of FOWAD, almost more than 90% have been traded above Rs. 3000. More than 90 thousand units of FOWAD have been traded between the price range of Rs 3800 to Rs 4000 price levels and almost 1,10,000 units at Rs 3000 to Rs 3800 price band.

Broker no. 28 (Shree Krishna Securities) is the top buyer broker of  FOWAD shares with quantity of 29,988 units of shares, so far,  followed by broker no. 33 (Dakshinkali Investment Securities Limited) and broker no 14 (Nepal Stock House Private Limited) each bought 16,145 and 14,491 unit shares respectively.

top 10 buyer broker


Similarly, so far, broker no. 16 (Primo Securities) is the top seller broker of FOWAD shares with total quantity of 10,331 units, followed by broker no. 34 (Vision Securities) and broker no. 40 (Creative Securities) each with 9,139 and 7,757 units respectively.

top 10 seller broker

FOWAD seems to be a promising company with a 44.91% growth in its net profit in the corresponding 4th quarter within 2 fiscal years. Previously in Q3 of the FY 073/74, the net profit of FOWAD stood at Rs. 20.46 crores.

FOWAD’s non-performing loan (NPL) has decreased to 0.29% in Q4 from 0.38% in the previous year report. While its annualized earning per share (EPS) stands at Rs125.35, net worth per share at Rs399.89 and the P/E ratio at 30.4 times.

The major highlights of FOWAD as per the published financial statement today are shown in the table below:

FOWAD major highlights


The microfinance is registered under the Company Act from the Company Registrar and licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank as a national level Microfinance Development Bank (“D” Class financial Institution) with Head office in Duhabi-3, Sunsari of Eastern Development Region of Nepal.