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Mutual Fund Nav

SymbolWeekly NAV (Rs)LTP (Rs)
GIMES1 8.7410.05
LVF1 11.0211.03
NBF1 21.3417.00
NEF 9.6310.10
NIBLPRA 9.770.00
NIBSF1 12.0910.30
NMBHF1 10.1910.10
NMBSF1 14.6311.91
SEOS 13.7211.22
SIGS1 23.8920.39


SymbolAGMBook ClosureAGM Date
NTC 9th2017-02-262017-03-13
FORWARD 4th2017-03-072017-03-10
BOKL 22nd2017-02-262017-03-16
MMDBL 6th2017-02-232017-03-08
NYADI Special2017-03-01

Proposed Dividend

SymbolBonus %Cash %Total Div. %
MSMBS 100.5210.52
SHINE 27027
CFCL 22.51.7424.24
ARDBL 170.8917.89
ACEDBL 20.25020.25

Events Calendar


S.NoCompany NameUnitsOpening DateClosing DateStatusView
1United Modi Hydropower Limited 1,725,0002017-03-022017-03-06Coming SoonView Announcement
2Forward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited 600,0002017-01-222017-01-25ClosedView Announcement
3Samata Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited 94,8002017-01-032017-01-06ClosedView Announcement
4Synergy Power Development Limited 2,100,0002016-12-232016-12-28ClosedView Announcement
5Arun Kabeli Power Limited 3,000,0002016-10-252016-10-28ClosedView Announcement
S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsOpening DateClosing DateStatusView
1NLIC Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited 3,096,4292017-01-112017-01-15ClosedView Announcement
2SBI Nepal SBI Bank Limited 67,7682016-12-262016-12-29ClosedView Announcement
3NIB Nepal Investment Bank Limited 9,069,3882016-02-232016-02-26ClosedView Announcement
4RLFL Reliance Finance Limited 514,2862015-12-202015-12-23ClosedView Announcement
5SICL Shikhar Insurance Company Limited 510,9882015-12-032015-12-07ClosedView Announcement
S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsOpening DateClosing DateStatusView
1NIBLPRA NIBL Pragati Fund 60,000,0002016-12-012016-12-05ClosedView Announcement
2NEF Nabil Equity Fund 100,000,0002016-09-182016-09-22ClosedView Announcement
3NMBHF1 NMB Hybrid Fund L- 1 80,000,0002016-09-112016-09-16ClosedView Announcement
4GIMES1 Global IME Samunnat Scheme 1 80,000,0002016-02-142016-02-17ClosedView Announcement
5LVF1 Laxmi Value Fund-1 50,000,0002015-02-082015-02-18ClosedView Announcement

Merger & Acquisition

S.NoName of Mergred CompaniesCompany Name SectorActionSwap RatioTradingJoint Date
1Global IME Bank Ltd. & Pacific Development Bank Ltd. Global IME Bank Limited Commercial BankAcquisiton100:69.26Yes2017-02-12
2Sunrise Bank Ltd. & NIDC Capital Market Ltd. Sunrise Bank Limited Commercial BankAcquisiton100:65Yes2017-02-10
3Shree Investment and Finance Company Ltd. & Everest Finance Ltd. Shree Investment Finance Company Limited FinanceMergerNo2017-02-01
4Tourism Development Bank Ltd., Matribhumi Bikas Bank Ltd. & Kalinchowk Development Bank Ltd. Tourism Development Bank Limited Development BankAcquisiton100:92:77Yes2017-01-08
5Sanima Bank Ltd. & Bagmati Development Bank Ltd. Sanima Bank Limited Commercial BankAcquisiton100:41Yes2017-01-13
S.NoName of Mergred CompaniesCompany Name ActionLOI DateMOU DateRemarks
1Vibor Society Development Bank Ltd. & Lumbini Finance and Leasing Company Ltd. Lumbini Bikas Bank Limited Merger--2017-02-06
2Mega Bank Nepal Ltd. & Tourism Development Bank Ltd. Mega Bank Nepal Limited Merger--2017-01-19
3Shangrila Development Bank Ltd. & Cosmos Development Bank Ltd. & Nepal Community Development Bank Ltd. Shangrila Development Bank Limited Acquisiton--2017-01-05MOU Signed
4Kamana Bikas Bank and Sewa Bikas Bank Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Limited Merger--2016-11-25
5Janata Bank Limited and Triveni Bikas Bank Limited Janata Bank Nepal Limited Merger2016-12-222016-11-07LOI Granted

Upcoming Issue

Company NameSectorUnitsRemarksStatus
Rairang Hydropower Development Company Limited. Hydropower560,000For Local PeoplePipeline
Mahuli Samudayak Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited Development Bank120,000Comment SentPipeline
Radhi Bidhut Company Limited Hydropower410,000IPO LocalReply Under Review
Mailung Khola Jal Vidhyut Company Limited Hydropower368,143IPO LocalComment Sent
Aankhu Khola Hydropower Company Limited Hydropower800,000Reply Under ReviewPipeline
Company NameSectorUnitsRemarksStatus
Shikhar Insurance Company Limited Life Insurance1,362,781Price not yet approved by SEBON
Premier Insurance Company Limited Non-Life Insurance 659,565Pipeline
Standard Chartered Bank Limited Commercial Bank2,558,140Comment SentPipeline
Mahakali Bikas Bank Limited Development Bank236,368Under Preliminary ReviewPipeline

Auction Data

S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsClosing DateCut-off PriceStatusView
1SEWA Sewa Bikas Bank Limited 221,6072017-03-060Coming SoonView Announcement
2SETI Seti Finance Limited 66,6822017-03-020Coming SoonView Announcement
3ADBL Agricultural Development Bank Limited 1,968,5752017-02-230OpenView Announcement
4TBBL Triveni Bikas Bank Limited 229,1432017-02-02202ClosedView Announcement
5MNBBL Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited 103,1672017-02-01613ClosedView Announcement
S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsClosing DateCut-off PriceStatusView
1SEWA Sewa Bikas Bank Limited 1,040,1712017-03-060Coming SoonView Announcement
2SETI Seti Finance Limited 183,2362017-03-020Coming SoonView Announcement
3TBBL Triveni Bikas Bank Limited 128,9172017-02-02100ClosedView Announcement
4MNBBL Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited 10,4942017-02-01301ClosedView Announcement
5ARDBL Araniko Development Bank Limited 43,7602017-02-06100ClosedView Announcement


Indices & Sub-Indices

Market Summary

As of - 2017-02-19
Total Turnovers (Rs.)666,587,062
Total Traded Shares2,077,556
Total Transaction6,821
Total Scrips Traded144
Total Market Cap (Rs.)1,542,870.97 Millions
Floated Market Cap (Rs.)525,957.49 Millions

IPO News

Sanima Capital refunding Synergy Power IPO non-allottees from Falgun 10; no direct bank transfer this time

Sanima Capital Limited, the issue manager for the IPO of Synergy Power Development Limited, will be refunding money to the non-allottees from Falgun 10, 2073. The allotment had concluded yesterday. As per an official of Sanima Capital Limited, the list of BFIs that will be auto-credited will be published later. Synergy Power IPO Refund Announcement

Synergy Power IPO Allotment Module

Synergy Power Development Limited has concluded its IPO allotment of 21 lakh units ...

Synergy Power IPO allotment today at 4PM; IPO oversubscribed by 35 times

Sanima Capital Limited, the issue manager for the IPO of Synergy Power Development ...

As of 2017-02-19
SymbolLTPTurnover (Rs.)
BOKL 54831,654,601
NLIC 2,35031,325,100
PRVU 31525,911,964
SICL 1,90420,600,168
SANIMA 47818,643,808
NIB 69118,459,119
ALICL 1,23017,535,935
NLICL 1,83517,199,040
SHPC 83816,432,965
NBB 64015,503,904
As of 2017-02-19
SymbolLTP% Gain
RBCL 13,42010.00
KMCDB 1,78210.00
NBIL 9929.98
WOMI 1,0159.97
NICL 7989.92
NMFBS 5679.88
GLICL 6259.84
SIC 1,0209.44
UIC 9909.27
HGI 1,1089.27
As of 2017-02-19
Broker No.Total Amount (Rs.)
As of 2017-02-19
SymbolLTP% Loss
DHPL 230-9.80
GFCL 233-6.80
MMFDB 1,550-5.14
JEFL 192-4.95
NLICP 1,695-3.91
RMFL 925-3.75
SFFIL 364-3.70
KRBL 260-3.70
NGPL 262-2.96
HDL 580-2.52

ICRA Rating

S.NoSymbolOfferingGradePublish Date
1PRIN NPR 192.5078805 million[ICRANP] IPO Grade 4+ (Assigned)2017-02-19
2SCB NPR 3,300 Million[ICRANP] IPO Grade 2+ (Assigned)2017-02-14
3JHDCL NPR 181.90 million [ICRANP] IPO Grade 5 (Assigned)2017-02-01
4NLBBL NPR 90 million[ICRANP] IPO Grade 4 (Assigned)2017-02-01
5MAILUNG NPR 110.44 million[ICRANP] IPO Grade 4 (Assigned)2017-02-01

Foreign Exchange

As of 2017-02-19

Company Analysis

See which Commercial Banks are superior than Industry Average; NMB Bank leads on major Indicators

All 28 commercial banks have published their 1st quarter financial reports of the fiscal year 2073/74. On the basis of these reports, ShareSansar has analyzed their performance by comparing them on these major fundamental parameters: Deposits Loans and Advances Net Interest Income Operating Profit Net Profit By comparing the commercial banks on these five indicators with the industry average, it was then observed which banks were ahead of the industry. Deposits The growth and efficiency…

Analysis of top 5 Microfinance Companies as of Q1 of FY 2073/74; Naya Nepal reports 365% growth

There are a total of 42 microfinance companies operating in Nepal. Out of these, 33...

News By Sector

Bullion Price

As of 2017-02-19
Hallmark Gold

Rs. 55,700/tola

Tejabi Gold

Rs. 55,400/tola


Rs. 825/tola