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SymbolAGMBook ClosureAGM Date
ARDBL Special2016-10-172017-04-13
API special2017-03-282017-04-10
INDB 7th2016-06-262017-04-13
ADBL 10th2017-03-312017-04-13
CCBL 6th2017-03-312017-04-13

Proposed Dividend

SymbolBonus %Cash %Total Div. %
KADBL 251.3126.31
SDBL 24024
VLBS 15520
SHINE 27027
CFCL 22.51.7424.24


S.NoCompany NameUnitsOpening DateClosing DateStatusView
1Swadeshi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited 300,0002017-04-072017-04-11Coming SoonView Announcement
2United Modi Hydropower Limited 1,725,0002017-03-022017-03-06ClosedView Announcement
3Forward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited 600,0002017-01-222017-01-25ClosedView Announcement
4Samata Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited 94,8002017-01-032017-01-06ClosedView Announcement
5Synergy Power Development Limited 2,100,0002016-12-232016-12-28ClosedView Announcement
S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsOpening DateClosing DateStatusView
1SCB Standard Chartered Bank Limited 2,558,1402017-03-142017-03-17ClosedView Announcement
2NLIC Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited 3,096,4292017-01-112017-01-15ClosedView Announcement
3SBI Nepal SBI Bank Limited 67,7682016-12-262016-12-29ClosedView Announcement
4NIB Nepal Investment Bank Limited 9,069,3882016-02-232016-02-26ClosedView Announcement
5RLFL Reliance Finance Limited 514,2862015-12-202015-12-23ClosedView Announcement
S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsOpening DateClosing DateStatusView
1NIBLPF NIBL Pragati Fund 60,000,0002016-12-012016-12-05ClosedView Announcement
2NEF Nabil Equity Fund 100,000,0002016-09-182016-09-22ClosedView Announcement
3NMBHF1 NMB Hybrid Fund L- 1 80,000,0002016-09-112016-09-16ClosedView Announcement
4GIMES1 Global IME Samunnat Scheme 1 80,000,0002016-02-142016-02-17ClosedView Announcement
5LVF1 Laxmi Value Fund-1 50,000,0002015-02-082015-02-18ClosedView Announcement

Merger & Acquisition

S.NoName of Mergred CompaniesCompany Name SectorActionSwap RatioTradingJoint Date
1Bhaktapur Finance Company Ltd. & Central Finance Ltd. Central Finance Company Limited FinanceMerger1:1No2017-03-23
2Global IME Bank Ltd. & Pacific Development Bank Ltd. Global IME Bank Limited Commercial BankAcquisiton100:69.26Yes2017-02-12
3Sunrise Bank Ltd. & NIDC Capital Market Ltd. Sunrise Bank Limited Commercial BankAcquisiton100:65Yes2017-02-10
4Shree Investment and Finance Company Ltd. & Everest Finance Ltd. Shree Investment Finance Company Limited FinanceMergerNo2017-02-01
5Tourism Development Bank Ltd., Matribhumi Bikas Bank Ltd. & Kalinchowk Development Bank Ltd. Tourism Development Bank Limited Development BankAcquisiton100:92:77Yes2017-01-08
S.NoName of Mergred CompaniesCompany Name ActionLOI DateMOU DateRemarks
1Deva Bikas Bank Ltd. & Union Finance Company Ltd. Deva Bikas Bank Limited Acquisiton--2017-03-22
2Century Commercial Bank Ltd. & Alpine Development Bank Ltd. Century Commercial Bank Limited Acquisiton--2017-03-17
3Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd. & Yeti Development Bank Ltd. Yeti Development Bank Limited Merger--2017-03-14
4Century Commercial Bank Ltd. & Sagarmatha Finance Ltd. Century Commercial Bank Limited Acquisiton--2017-03-02
5Janata Bank Nepal Ltd. & Siddhartha Development Bank Ltd. Janata Bank Nepal Limited Acquisiton--2017-03-01

Upcoming Issue

Company NameSectorUnitsRemarksStatus
Shuvam Power Limited Hydropower200,000Pipeline
Chhyangdi Hydropower Company Limited Hydropower540,000Pipeline
Rairang Hydropower Development Company Limited. Hydropower560,000For Local PeoplePipeline
Mahuli Samudayak Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited Development Bank120,000Comment SentPipeline
Garjang Upatyaka Hydropower Limited Hydropower200,000IPO LocalPipeline
Company NameSectorUnitsRemarksStatus
Shikhar Insurance Company Limited Life Insurance1,362,781Under ReviewPipeline
Premier Insurance Company Limited Non-Life Insurance 659,565Pipeline
Mahakali Bikas Bank Limited Development Bank236,368RejectedPipeline

Auction Data

S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsClosing DateCut-off PriceStatusView
1MFIL Manjushree Finance Limited 69,0162017-04-180Coming SoonView Announcement
2SDBL Siddhartha Development Bank Limited 4992017-03-290OpenView Announcement
3PRVU Prabhu Bank Limited 15,8252017-03-290OpenView Announcement
4KDBL Kasthamandap Development Bank Limited 107,6012017-04-100Coming SoonView Announcement
5NBSL Namaste Bittiya Sanstha Limited 7,9512017-04-090Coming SoonView Announcement
S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsClosing DateCut-off PriceStatusView
1MFIL Manjushree Finance Limited 935,0742017-04-180Coming SoonView Announcement
2SEWA Sewa Bikas Bank Limited 752,1512017-04-120Coming SoonView Announcement
3SAFL Sagarmatha Finance Limited 566,2792017-03-280ClosedView Announcement
4SKDBL Saptakoshi Development Bank Limited 56,7002017-04-070Coming SoonView Announcement
5MEGA Mega Bank Nepal Limited 168,9922017-04-020OpenView Announcement


Indices & Sub-Indices

Market Summary

As of - 2017-03-29
Total Turnovers (Rs.)2,548,000,331
Total Traded Shares5,033,432
Total Transaction14,956
Total Scrips Traded149
Total Market Cap (Rs.)1,802,432.05 Millions
Floated Market Cap (Rs.)620,198.46 Millions

Major Indicators Of Companies

NET Profit According to 2nd Quarter 2073/2074
S.NoSymbolCompany NameNet Profit'(Rs in '000')'LTP(in Rs)LTP % Change
1LBLLaxmi Bank Limited453,167.00777-2.50%
2CCBLCentury Commercial Bank Limited223,935.00397-1.24%
3GBIMEGlobal IME Bank Limited909,544.004100.73%
4PRVUPrabhu Bank Limited1,112,328.00388-3.52%
5BOKLBank of Kathmandu Lumbini Limited601,449.00474-3.27%
6JBNLJanata Bank Nepal Limited161,347.003871.94%
7KBLKumari Bank Limited279,354.00376-0.80%
8RastriyaRastriya Banijya Bank Limited1,217,734.0000.00%
9NBLNepal Bank Limited1,895,077.004803.04%
10NCCBNepal Credit & Commercial Bank Limited77,619.00384-2.56%

IPO News

Swadeshi Laghubitta to float 3 lakh kitta IPO shares from Chaitra 25; Applicants can apply up to 1500 Kitta shares

Swadeshi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited will be floating its Initial Public Offering (IPO) of 3,00,000 unit shares worth Rs 3 crore from Chaitra 25, 2073. As per the notice published by the microfinance company today, the offer will close on Chaitra 29, 2073 at the earliest. The maximum closing date for the offer is Baisakh 8, 2073. Interested investors must apply for a minimum of 50 units of share and they can apply for up…

Nepal Hydro Developer’s 3.90 lakh units IPO shares for general public in SEBON pipeline

Nepal Hydro Developer Limited has been added in Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) p...

Himalayan Power Partner’s 10.65 lakh units IPO shares allotted to locals of Lamjung

Global IME Capital Limited, the issue manager for the IPO of Himalayan Power Partne...

SEBON approves 3 lakh units IPO of Swadeshi Laghubitta

Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) has approved the issuance of 3 lakh units IPO sha...

Mahuli Samudayik Laghubitta receives approval from SEBON to issue 1.20 lakh units IPO shares; Support Microfinance in pipeline

Mahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited has received final approval fro...

As of 2017-03-29
SymbolLTPTurnover (Rs.)
NBB 730204,149,884
NBL 480100,621,746
SANIMA 56096,464,153
NCCB 38469,923,634
LBL 77769,725,974
ADBL 56568,723,660
PRVU 38863,842,524
NLICL 2,25854,753,688
EBL 1,96045,081,240
LGIL 1,58540,717,918
As of 2017-03-29
SymbolLTP% Gain
NBILPO 200100.00
SINDU 3219.56
KNBL 5409.09
NBSL 4256.25
BHBL 3145.72
BARUN 3175.67
SAJHA 2365.36
LFC 1785.33
STC 2515.02
RSDC 7374.99
As of 2017-03-29
Broker No.Total Amount (Rs.)
As of 2017-03-29
SymbolLTP% Loss
RBCL 13,400-8.22
SYFL 148-7.50
ILFCM 921-7.06
RHPC 238-6.67
NGBBL 840-6.46
AHPC 271-5.90
HAMRO 525-5.58
MNBBL 890-5.12
NICL 992-5.07
ADBL 565-5.04

ICRA Rating

S.NoSymbolOfferingGradePublish Date
1CHHYA NPR 54 million[ICRANP] IPO Grade 4 (Assigned)2017-03-29
2FMDBL NPR 132.25 million[ICRANP] IPO Grade 3 (Assigned)2017-03-22
3NBIL NPR 270 million[ICRANP] IPO Grade 4 (Assigned)2017-03-21
4YETI NPR 693.1167 Million[ICRANP] IPO Grade 4 (Assigned)2017-02-21
5PRIN NPR 192.5078805 million[ICRANP] IPO Grade 4+ (Assigned)2017-02-19

Foreign Exchange

As of 2017-03-29

Company Analysis

Lalitpur Finance earns Rs 9.31 crore in Q2; NPL up to 89.19%

Lalitpur Finance Limited (LFC) has posted a net profit of Rs 9.31 crore in the second quarter of the ongoing fiscal year 2073/74. As per the unaudited financial statement published by the finance company today, its net profit has increased to Rs 9.31 crore from a loss of Rs 2.10 crore posted in the same period last year. With a net interest income of only Rs 1.13 crore, write back of Rs 5.41 crore has…

Which bank will be in better position to provide more dividend after their capital reaches Rs 8 arba: SCB, NIB, NABIL or EBL?

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited (SCB), Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIB), N...

Is it profitable to apply for Standard Chartered FPO? Know about its past performance and projections

As a part of a capital expansion plan put forward by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), all c...

News By Sector

Bullion Price

As of 2017-03-29
Hallmark Gold

Rs. 54,600/tola

Tejabi Gold

Rs. 54,300/tola


Rs. 805/tola