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SymbolAGMBook ClosureAGM Date
MEGA Special2017-01-202017-12-19
HDL 17th2017-12-012017-12-15
SKBBL 16th2017-11-262017-12-15
BNL 39th2017-11-272017-12-11
SALICL 1st2017-12-08

Proposed Dividend

SymbolBonus %Cash %Total Div. %
NNLB 201.052621.0526
UMHL 055
HDL 021.0521.05
MMFDB 30.81.6232.42
HGI 01515

Mutual Fund NAV

SymbolWeekly NAV (Rs)LTP (Rs)
GIMES1 9.859.85
LEMF 9.6310.10
LVF1 11.5211.51
NBF1 18.6917.25
NEF 9.5410.35
NIBLPF 9.3910.00
NIBSF1 12.8512.10
NMBHF1 10.4710.00
NMBSF1 14.1713.28
SEOS 12.8312.50
SIGS1 21.0721.10

Investment/Existing Issues

S.NoCompany NameUnitsOpening DateClosing DateStatusView
1Radhi Bidhut Company Limited 764,550Coming SoonComing SoonComing SoonView Announcement
2Support Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited 180,0002017-10-042017-10-09ClosedView Announcement
3Nepal Hydro Developer Limited 390,0002017-08-112017-08-16ClosedView Announcement
4Himalayan Power Partner Limited 2,130,8342017-06-152017-06-19ClosedView Announcement
5Chhyangdi Hydropower Company Limited 540,0002017-05-282017-06-01ClosedView Announcement
S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsOpening DateClosing DateStatusView
1NGBBL Nepal Grameen Bikas Bank Limited 975,0002017-09-122017-09-15ClosedView Announcement
2PFL Pokhara Finance Limited 983,6822017-08-132017-08-17ClosedView Announcement
3SCB Standard Chartered Bank Limited 2,558,1402017-03-142017-03-17ClosedView Announcement
4NLIC Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited 3,096,4292017-01-112017-01-15ClosedView Announcement
5SBI Nepal SBI Bank Limited 67,7682016-12-262016-12-29ClosedView Announcement
S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsOpening DateClosing DateStatusView
1SEFU Sanima Equity Fund 120,000,0002017-11-282017-12-01Coming SoonView Announcement
2SEF Siddhartha Equity Fund 120,000,0002017-10-112017-10-15ClosedView Announcement
3LEMF Laxmi Equity Fund 100,000,0002017-05-052017-05-11ClosedView Announcement
4NIBLPF NIBL Pragati Fund 60,000,0002016-12-012016-12-05ClosedView Announcement
5NEF Nabil Equity Fund 100,000,0002016-09-182016-09-22ClosedView Announcement

IPO News

Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower IPO added in SEBON pipeline; to issue 2.64 crore units IPO shares

Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited will be floating 2.64 crore units Initial Public Offering (IPO) shares worth Rs 2.64 arba to the general public. The IPO has been added in the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON)'s IPO pipeline for approval. Citizen Investment Trust and Sunrise Capital Limited has been assigned as the issue manager for the IPO. It will be issuing 1.58 crore unit (15%) IPO shares to general public and 1.05 crore unit (10%)  IPO shares…

Rairang Hydropower IPO added in SEBON pipeline; to issue 8.40 lakh unit IPO shares to the general public

Rairang Hydropower Development Company Limited will be floating 8.40 lakh units Ini...

Aarambha Microfinance IPO added in SEBON pipeline; to issue 2.94 lakh units IPO shares

Aarambha Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited has been added in the Securities Boar...

Support Microfinance IPO allotment concludes through lottery; 16,740 applicants allotted with 10 kitta shares

NMB Capital Limited, the issue manager for the IPO of Support Microfinance Bittiya ...

Foreign Exchange

As of 2017-11-24

Bullion Price

As of 2017-11-24
Hallmark Gold

Rs. 56,100/tola

Tejabi Gold

Rs. 55,800/tola


Rs. 765/tola

Merger & Acquisition

S.NoName of Mergred CompaniesCompany Name SectorActionSwap RatioTradingJoint Date
1Deva Bikas Bank Limited, Sajha Bikas Bank Limited and Union Finance Limited Deva Bikas Bank Limited Development BankAcquisiton1:1:0.50Yes2017-11-09
2Jyoti Bikas Bank Limited and Raptibheri Bikas Bank Limited Jyoti Bikas Bank Limited Development BankAcquisiton1:1Yes2017-10-25
3Western Development Bank Limited & Namaste Bittiya Sanstha Limited Western Development Bank Limited Development BankMerger1:1No2017-10-15
4Kamana Bikas Bank Limited and Sewa Bikas Bank Limited Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Limited Development BankMerger1:1No2017-08-06
5Century Commercial Bank Limited & Sagarmatha Finance Limited Century Commercial Bank Limited Commercial BankAcquisiton100:95Yes2017-07-15
S.NoName of Mergred CompaniesCompany Name ActionLOI DateMOU DateRemarks
1NIBL Capital Market Ltd and Ace Capital Limited NIBL Capital Markets Limited Merger--
2Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited and NIDC Development Bank Limited Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited Acquisiton--
3Deva Bikas Bank Limited & Sahara Bikas Bank Limited Deva Bikas Bank Limited Acquisiton--2017-06-09
4Century Commercial Bank Limited & Seti Finance Limited Century Commercial Bank Limited Acquisiton--2017-05-28
5Kabeli Bikas Bank Limited & Mount Makalu Development Bank Limited Kabeli Bikas Bank Limited Acquisiton--2017-05-14

Auction Data

S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsClosing DateCut-off PriceStatusView
1KADBL Kanchan Development Bank Limited 14,5652017-12-120Coming SoonView Announcement
2KMFL Kisan Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited 1,3512017-12-050Coming SoonView Announcement
3MNBBL Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited 131,1562017-11-16551ClosedView Announcement
4SHPC Sanima Mai Hydropower Limited 146,5922017-12-050Coming SoonView Announcement
5SMFDB Summit Micro Finance Development Bank Limited 4,0822017-11-270OpenView Announcement
S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsClosing DateCut-off PriceStatusView
1MNBBL Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited 27,7662017-11-16271.01ClosedView Announcement
2SKDBL Saptakoshi Development Bank Limited 816,6772017-11-15100ClosedView Announcement
3NCCB Nepal Credit & Commercial Bank Limited 444,6222017-12-180OpenView Announcement
4SMFDB Summit Micro Finance Development Bank Limited 22,4672017-11-270OpenView Announcement
5RMDC Rural Microfinance Development Centre Limited 14,6412017-11-230ClosedView Announcement

Upcoming Issue

Company NameSectorUnitsRemarksStatus
Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited Hydropower10,590,000Local People (10%)
Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited Hydropower15,885,000General Public (15%)
Rairang Hydropower Development Company Limited. Hydropower840,000
Aarambha Micro Finance Bittiya Sanstha Limited Microfinance294,000
Ghalemdi Hydro Limited Hydropower550,000
Company NameSectorUnitsRemarksStatus
NMB Bank Limited Commercial Bank11,415,163
Bank of Kathmandu Limited Promoter Share6,158,067
Butwal Power Company Limited Hydropower4,081,000Pipeline
Shikhar Insurance Company Limited Life Insurance1,362,781Under ReviewPipeline
Premier Insurance Company Limited Non-Life Insurance 659,565Pipeline
As of 2017-11-23
SymbolLTPTurnover (Rs.)
BPCL 65028,121,674
NLIC 1,91026,839,425
NBL 35525,983,462
SKBBL 1,51524,302,289
CZBIL 29521,823,175
EBL 1,17919,363,910
SCB 2,06013,313,069
GUFLPO 10012,289,300
CHCL 86610,571,823
LICN 1,99910,124,433
As of 2017-11-23
SymbolLTP% Gain
SPDL 1638.67
MLBBL 1,2458.07
NNLB 2,7516.63
HPPL 3716.61
DBBL 1965.95
OHL 6575.80
MMFDB 2,7655.74
SIFC 4545.58
TNBL 2525.00
GUFL 1614.55
As of 2017-11-23
Broker No.Total Amount (Rs.)
As of 2017-11-23
SymbolLTP% Loss
HGI 620-3.88
SKDBL 168-3.45
BARUN 198-2.94
KMFL 2,107-2.45
RLFL 182-2.15
CFCL 184-2.13
GRDBL 600-2.12
DHPL 148-1.99
PICL 1,147-1.97
MSMBS 954-1.95


Indices & Sub-Indices

Market Summary

As of - 2017-11-23
Total Turnovers (Rs.)685,728,355
Total Traded Shares1,391,853
Total Transaction5,481
Total Scrips Traded165
Total Market Cap (Rs.)1,735,820.09 Millions
Floated Market Cap (Rs.)582,604.67 Millions


As of 2017-11-23
IndexCurrentPoint Change% Change
Sen. Float960.820.86 

Sub Indices

As of 2017-11-23
Sub-IndicesTurnoverCurrentPoint% Change
Development Bank28,568,8001752.822.201.28 
Manufacturing And Processing1,160,0002477.6915.570.63 

Company Analysis

EPS of almost all commercial banks dwindle – Will it be profitable to invest in commercial banks? (See the In-Depth analysis of all 28 Commercial Banks under one table)

Sijan Bajracharya All 28 commercial banks of Nepal have published their financial statements till the end of first quarter of the current fiscal year FY 2074/75. It is the matter of interest of all the investors to analyze the important fundamentals of the commercial banks. Thus, for an ease to investors and all visitors of our website, we have made table with major fundamentals factors like paid up capital, reserves, net profit, earning per share…

News By Sector