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SymbolAGMBook ClosureAGM Date
CBBL 15th2016-12-112016-12-28
NBSL 10th2016-12-092016-12-24
ODBL 10th2016-12-062016-12-23
SAMATA 3rd2016-12-24
BNT 30th2016-12-112016-12-26

Proposed Dividend

SymbolBonus %Cash %Total Div. %
EDBL 251.3126.31
GBL 16016
GBIME-Capital 015.78915.789
NMBL 10.53010.53
GDBL 19.571.0320.6


S.NoCompany NameUnitsOpening DateClosing DateStatus
1Arun Kabeli Power Limited 3,000,0002016-10-252016-10-28Closed
2Suryodaya Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited 120,0002016-08-282016-08-31Closed
3RSDC Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited 400,0002016-08-212016-08-24Closed
4National Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited 300,0002016-07-312016-08-03Closed
5Dibyashwari Hydropower Co Limited 396,0002016-06-272016-06-30Closed
S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsOpening DateClosing DateStatus
1NIB Nepal Investment Bank Limited 9,069,3882016-02-232016-02-26Closed
2RLFL Reliance Finance Limited 514,2862015-12-202015-12-23Closed
3SICL Shikhar Insurance Company Limited 510,9882015-12-032015-12-07Closed
S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsOpening DateClosing DateStatus
1NIBLPRA NIBL Pragati Fund 60,000,0002016-12-012016-12-05Open
2NABILFUND Nabil Equity Fund 100,000,0002016-09-182016-09-22Closed
3NMBHF1 NMB Hybrid Fund L- 1 80,000,0002016-09-112016-09-16Closed
4GIMES1 Global IME Samunnat Scheme 1 80,000,0002016-02-142016-02-17Closed
5LLBS Laxmi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited 50,000,0002015-02-082015-02-18Closed

Merger & Acquisition

S.NoName of Mergred CompaniesCompany Name SectorActionSwap RatioTradingJoint Date
1Civil Bank Ltd. & International Leasing & Fiance Co Ltd. Civil Bank Limited Commercial BankMerger1:0.74.72Yes2016-10-17
2Vibor Bikas Bank Ltd. & Society Development Ltd. Vibor Bikas Bank Limited Development BankMerger1:102016-09-02
3Garima Bikas Bank Ltd. & Subekshya Bikash Bank Ltd. Garima Bikas Bank Limited Development BankMerger1:102016-09-20
4Bank of Kathmandu Ltd. & Lumbini Bank Ltd. Bank of Kathmandu Lumbini Limited Commercial BankMerger1:0.83Yes2016-07-14
5NMB Bank Ltd. & Pathibhara Bikas Bank Ltd. & Bhrikuti Bikas Bank Ltd. &Clean Energy Development Ltd. & Prudential Finance Co Ltd. NMB Bank Limited Commercial BankMerger1 :0.67 :0.87 :0.75 :0.43Yes2015-10-18
S.NoName of Mergred CompaniesCompany Name ActionLOI DateMOU DateRemarks
1Janata Bank Limited and Triveni Bikas Bank Limited Janata Bank Nepal Limited Merger--2016-11-07
2Century Commercial Bank Limited & Arniko development Bank Limited Century Commercial Bank Limited Acquisiton--2016-10-16
3Om Development Bank Limited & Manaslu Bikas bank Limited. Om Development Bank Limited Merger--2016-10-08
4Sunrise Bank Ltd. & NIDC Capital Market Ltd. Sunrise Bank Limited Acquistion--2016-09-25Dis. Pending
5Civil Bank Ltd. & Hama Merchant & Finance Ltd. Civil Bank Limited Acquistion--2016-09-04Dis. Pending

Upcoming Issue

Company NameSectorUnitsRemarksStatus
Synergy Power Development Limited Hydropower2,100,000IPO LocalPipeline
Forward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited Microfinance600,000Pipeline
Radhi Bidhut Company Limited Hydropower410,000IPO Local
Mailung Khola Hydropower Co Limited Hydropower368,143IPO LocalUnder Review
Samata Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. Microfinance94,800Under Review
Company NameSectorUnitsRemarksStatus
Nepal SBI Bank Limited Commercial Bank67,768Comment Sent
Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited Life Insurance3,096,429All required documents have not been received yet

Auction Data

S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsClosing DateCut-off PriceStatus
1MMDBL Mount Makalu Development Bank Limited 4,5282016-12-220Coming Soon
2PCBL Prime Commercial Bank Limited 432,6492016-12-140Open
3KRBL Karnali Development Bank Limited 24,9482016-12-080Open
4CCBL Century Commercial Bank Limited 208,3372016-11-27307Closed
5ALDBL Alpine Development Bank Limited 41,7692016-12-040Open
S.NoSymbolCompany NameUnitsClosing DateCut-off PriceStatus
1PCBL Prime Commercial Bank Limited 52,0452016-12-140Open
2KRBL Karnali Development Bank Limited 54,2902016-12-080Open
3CCBL Century Commercial Bank Limited 252,9082016-11-27126Closed
4NGBBL Nepal Grameen Bikas Bank Limited 191,9922016-12-180Open
5ALDBL Alpine Development Bank Limited 32,3152016-12-040Open

Market Summary

As of - 2016-12-04
Total Turnovers (Rs.)755,318,261
Total Traded Shares1,080,676
Total Transaction5,079
Total Scrips Traded137
Total Market Cap (Rs.)1,747,930.82 Millions
Floated Market Cap (Rs.)600,956.23 Millions


Indices & Sub-Indices

As of 2016-12-04
SymbolLTPTurnover (Rs.)
EBL 3,27556,801,714
SBL 1,02054,866,085
MEGA 52654,389,290
SICL 3,65049,336,902
CZBILP 32536,263,500
BOKL 66027,080,926
NBB 78120,756,674
ALICL 1,51017,569,500
SBI 1,60517,114,571
NLIC 3,01316,267,750
As of 2016-12-04
SymbolLTP% Gain
HAMRO 5479.84
ARUN 1919.77
JEFL 2819.77
WDBL 3305.43
SYFL 1655.10
SHL 3644.00
NBSL 7343.97
SIGS1 263.66
RHPC 2573.63
API 5202.77
As of 2016-12-04
Broker No.Total Amount (Rs.)
As of 2016-12-04
SymbolLTP% Loss
NILPO 0-100.00
ILFCM 736-8.00
KMCDB 1,431-7.62
RMFL 1,460-6.89
NCDB 318-6.19
RBBBL 410-6.18
DDBL 2,301-6.00
SADBL 382-5.91
NLG 1,732-5.61
SIL 2,011-4.74

IPO News

NIBL Pragati Fund public issue amassed Rs 32.40 crore from 4700 applicants till second day

NIBL Pragati Fund has been floating its public issue of 6 crore unit shares worth Rs 60 crore from Mangsir 16, 2073. Today is the third day of the public issue. Mr. Badri Pyakhurel, Merchant Banking head of NIBL Capital Markets Limited said, “The total collection of the public issue has reached to Rs 32 crore 40 lakh till second day. Around 4700 application forms were received.” NIBL Pragati Fund is basically a 7 years…

Nepal Hydro Developer to issue 2.60 lakh units IPO shares for the locals of Dolakha district from Mangsir 26

Nepal Hydro Developer Limited will be issuing 2, 60,000 unit shares worth Rs 2.60 c...

NIBL Pragati Fund to float public issue worth Rs 60 crore from Mangsir 16; Investors can apply up to 60 lakh unit shares

NIBL Pragati Fund will be floating its public issue of 6 crore unit shares worth Rs...

United Modi Hydropower 17.25 lakh units IPO shares added in SEBON pipeline for approval

United Modi Hydropower Limited has been added in Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) ...

One more IPO added in SEBON’s pipeline; Swadeshi Laghubitta to float 3 lakh unit IPO shares

Swadeshi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited has been added in the Securities Board ...

ICRA Rating

S.NoSymbolOfferingGradePublish Date
1MBL NRP 500 million[ICRANP] LBBB- * (Rating Withdrawn)2016-11-30
2NBB NRP 500 million[ICRANP] LBBB- * (Rating Withdrawn)2016-11-30
3FORWARD NPR 60 Million[ICRANP] IPO Grade 4 + (Assigned)2016-11-09
4NIL NPR 324.04 million[ICRANP] IPO Grade 3 (Assigned)2016-11-06
5SKDBL NPR 100 Million[ICRANP] IPO Grade 4 (Assigned)2016-10-19

Foreign Exchange

As of 2016-12-04

Company Analysis

See which Commercial Banks are superior than Industry Average; NMB Bank leads on major Indicators

All 28 commercial banks have published their 1st quarter financial reports of the fiscal year 2073/74. On the basis of these reports, ShareSansar has analyzed their performance by comparing them on these major fundamental parameters: Deposits Loans and Advances Net Interest Income Operating Profit Net Profit By comparing the commercial banks on these five indicators with the industry average, it was then observed which banks were ahead of the industry. Deposits The growth and efficiency…

Analysis of top 5 Microfinance Companies as of Q1 of FY 2073/74; Naya Nepal reports 365% growth

There are a total of 42 microfinance companies operating in Nepal. Out of these, 33...

News By Sector

Bullion Price

As of 2016-12-04
Hallmark Gold

Rs. 54,000/tola

Tejabi Gold

Rs. 53,750/tola


Rs. 785/tola

Indepth Analysis of Companies

NET Profit According to 4th Quarter 2072/73
S.NoSymbolCompany NameNet Profit'(Rs in '000')'LTP(in Rs)LTP % Change
1NIBNepal Investment Bank Limited2,598,460.00750-1.97%
2SCBStandard Chartered Bank Limited1,265,498.002,910-1.69%
3MEGAMega Bank Nepal Limited552,037.005261.93%
4CCBLCentury Commercial Bank Limited382,624.00385-1.29%
5EBLEverest Bank Limited1,730,241.003,2750.15%
6RastriyaRastriya Banijya Bank Limited2,648,471.0000.00%
7ADBLAgricultural Development Bank Limited2,577,230.00558-2.96%
8MMFDBMirmire Microfinance Development Bank Limited11,339.612,850-0.35%
9FBBLFewa Bikas Bank Limited300,525.006351.27%
10SRBLSunrise Bank Limited951,755.00514-1.16%