17 bidders grab 10,635 shares of Everest Bank below Rs 200; lowest bid price at Rs 108

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17 bidders have claimed the auctioned right shares of Everest Bank Limited (EBL) below Rs 200 per share. As per the allotment details published by NIBL Capital Markets, the auction’s issue manager, shares were claimed for as low as Rs 108 per share.

Out of the 2.53 lakh units right shares auctioned by EBL, only 2.17 lakh units were claimed in this auction. EBL shares are being traded at around Rs 1,220 per share in NEPSE, and bidders have made quite a jackpot through this auction. If yesterday’s closing price of Rs 1,220 is taken into account, these 17 applicants have made a profit of 510%  – 1029% (unannualized).

Allottee List (who had bid Rs 200 per share or less)

S.N.Allottee NameRate (Rs.)No. of shares
1Debansi Maharajan200                 850
2Pratham Shrestha185.84                 100
3Narayani Devi Puri Giri180             1,000
4Dev Narayan Maharjan170             1,000
5Pragyan Sharma166             1,000
6Belishma Katwal166             1,000
7Prahalad Kayastha150                 400
8Kalpana Awal150                 400
9Rakesh Dangora135                 100
10Prajwol Shrestha130                 290
11Sabin Maharjan130                 290
12Shiva Bhagwan Goyal125                 200
13Krishna Paudel120                 105
14Suman Shrestha120             1,350
15Rabindra Maharjan120             2,000
16Barun Bishwas110                 300
17Lata Goyal108                 250
TOTAL SHARES (allotted for Rs 200 or less)           10,635

Both mutual funds of NMB Capital (NMBSF1 and NMBHF1) have claimed 10,000 shares each for Rs 1,173.60. Likewise, NIBL Samriddhi Fund-1 and NIBL Pragati Fund have each been allotted 5,000 shares for Rs 1,180. Siddhartha Equity Oriented Scheme claimed 20,000 shares for a slightly lower Rs 1,121.07.

Unusually, no insurance companies applied for the shares. EBL has published a re-auction notice for the still unclaimed 35,841 units ordinary shares.

Allottee Full List:
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