Stock Market Training Outside Kathmandu Valley

IMS Investment Management Services Pvt. Ltd., parent company of ShareSansar.com, has been running training on Stock Market In-Depth Training and Technical Analysis Training in Kathmandu Valley and outside the Valley as well.

The main OBJECTIVE of this training is to ensure that participants in the stock market have adequate knowledge of the overall stock market.

Time & Duration

Share Training

General+Fundamental Training


Technical Analysis Training



Technical Analysis

  • Overview of Technical Analysis
  • Mechanics & Dynamics of Charting
  • Mechanics & Dynamics of Trends
  • Candlestick Analysis
  • Chart Pattern Analysis
  • Moving Averages
  • Indicators, Oscillators & Divergence
  • Fibonacci Ratio & Number Analysis
  • Volume Analysis
  • Integrated Company Analysis
  • Presentation

In-depth Training

  • Risk and Return of Investing on Nepse
  • Financial Market
  • Investment, Speculation and Gambling
  • Capital Market  and Money Market
  • Stock Brokers and Market
  • Merchant Bankers  and Stock Exchange
  • Credit Rating and ICRA Nepal
  • Mutual Fund and its benifits
  • SEBON, NRB, Beema Samiti
  • Common Stock and its features
  • Fundamental Analysis
    • Factors affecting stock price
    • Study of Balance sheet
    • Study of Profit and Loss a/c
    • Key Ratios
    • Analysis  based on report published by listed companies of NEPSE
  • NEPSE Index, Sector wise Index and its calculations
  • IPO and its allotment  procedure
  • Promotor share, Public share,  FPO, Right share and its auction
  • Central Depository System  and its implication

Our Trainers

 Sandeep Bikram Rana

(Fundamental Analyst)

Sagun Shakya

(Technical Analyst)

Mr. Sandeep B. Rana and Mr. Sagun Shakya has been providing training on stock market at ShareSansar for 2 years. Mr. Rana provides training onthe fundamental aspects of the training while Mr. Shakya teaches about the technical analysis. Mr. Shakya is the pioneer in the field of Techinical Analysis of the capital market of Nepal.

Target Audience

  • Traders and Investors
  • Institutional Investors
  • Portfolio managers
  • Working individuals
  • Students and individual with keen interest in Stock Market
  • Traders and Investors
  • Institutional Investors

Contact US

Mr. Rajib Rawal (Program Co-ordinator)

01 – 4248628 / 4259786 (Ext. 808)



IMS Investment Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

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