Technical Analysis Training Course on Stock Market

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Technical Analysis Training Course on Stock Market


To Know When to be Fearful and When to be Greedy

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Duration & Timing

Two Weeks


Evening: 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Fees : Rs. 10,000/-

Including Technical Analysis Software For Lifetime

Free Data For Lifetime


1 yr Portfolio Subscription Free

Target Audience

Traders and Investors, Institutional Investors, Portfolio Managers

Content of Course

Day 1: Overview of Technical Analysis

Day 2: Mechanics & Dynamics of Charting

Day 3: Mechanics & Dynamics of Trends

Day 4: Candlestick Analysis

Day 5: Chart Pattern Analysis

Day 6: Moving Averages

Day 7:  Indicators, Oscillators & Divergence

Day 8: Fibonacci Ratio & Number Analysis

Day 9: Volume Analysis

Day 10: Integrated Company Analysis

Day 11: Presentation

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