Pokhara Finance profit rises by staggering 96.29 % in Q3; EPS stand at Rs 16.84

- ShareSansar, April 20, 2017  on Featured , Financial Analysis , Latest , Stock Market

Pokhara Finance Limited (PFL) has posted a massive profit growth of 96.29 percent in the third quarter of the current fiscal year 2073/74.

Publishing the unaudited financial report today, the bank stated that its net profit rose to Rs 7.02 crore in the third current fiscal year 2073/74, up from Rs 3.57 crore in the corresponding period of the previous fiscal year 2072/73.

Its net interest income has risen from Rs 8.97 crore in corresponding quarter to Rs 14.23 crore in the current quarter.

Pokhara Finance’s paid up capital remains at Rs. 55.74 crore. The finance reserve and surplus increased to Rs.19.86 crore in Q3 up from Rs 14.51 crore in last quarter.

The finance company has collected Rs 3.42 arba in the Q3 up from Rs 3.09 arba in the corresponding quarter. Likewise, it has extended loans and advances of Rs 3.27 arba in Q3 whereas in the same period last year the figure stood at Rs 2.52 arba.

Its non-performing loan (NPL) has drop to 1.47 percent in Q2 up from 2.84 percent in the previous year report.

PFL’s annualized earning per share (EPS) stand at Rs 16.84, net worth per share at 135.65 and the P/E ratio at 16.45 times.

Major Indicators:

Indicators (Rs in “000”)FY 2073/74 Q2FY 2072/73 Q2Difference (%)
Paid Up Capital557,420491,11913.50%
Reserve and Surplus198,699145,18236.86%
Loans and Advances3,277,8012,523,31829.90%
Net Interest Income142,32789,76958.55%
Write Back
Operating Profit110,42756,25696.29%
Net Profit70,27235,79996.30%
Capital Adequacy Ratio20.1520.87
Base Rate
Cost of Fund7.735.7
CD Ratio (as per NRB)76.8967.62
EPS (Annualized)16.84
PE Ratio16.45
Networth Per Share135.65