How to apply for Nepal Hydro IPO using online ASBA service (Step-by-Step Process of NIC Asia Bank online ASBA)

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SEBON had compulsorily implemented Applications Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA) system from Shrawan 1, 2074 for public issues (IPO/FPO) and Nepal Hydro Developer is the first company to issue IPO from full ASBA services all over Nepal. NIC Asia Bank has come up with online ASBA service registration of application for share with the aim to provide easy and efficient services to its customers.

The customers can use ASBA services from either mobile banking or internet banking service without being presented at the bank and also at zero cost for the applications of IPO, FPO and Mutual Funds.

Applicants having account in NIC Asia Bank can apply IPO of Nepal Hydro Developer through online service for registration of application.

Here is a step-by-step process to apply for the Nepal Hydro IPO using the online ASBA system:

Open NIC Asia Bank Mobile Application or internet banking and necessary login then click on Menu option and Select ASBA icon. After Asba icon selected following Screen will appear.


Enter your mobile banking username and password then click on login button. The list of available public offerings along with details will be displayed click on the apply button of the public offering for which application need to be submitted. Now the share application information screen will appear as shown below:


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